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Ice dog

In spite of the ridiculously freezing temps & wind chills we have been trying to take Molly out at least once during the day.  We found if we go over to Kinns road it is at least sheltered from the wind.
This is how Molly looks by halfway through our walk
She has icicles hanging from her muzzle!
Then several times during her walk she comes over to Popster so he can get the "snowballs" out from between her pads!
She just sits down with the paw in the air until he fixes it!  Silly dog!

Moving out of my comfort zone

I bought these filters for camera instead of spending a fortune on a macro lens.
 It is very tricky to the settings right in order to focus up close.
 This is one itsy bitsy flower of a hyacinth that was in my kitchen.
 I need to do a lot more work on this but it's fun to experiment!


More extreme winter

This winter is really taking it's job very seriously & right now we are in the middle of another deep freeze!
It is really getting old & we are all suffering from cabin fever!  I love the fact that I can spend time sewing or knitting but hate that some days it's too cold to get outside to walk.
It started to get cold Monday night & we won't be seeing temps go above freezing for a long time.
Heck they are not going above 20 for a while.  Combine that with wind & it makes it unbearable.
If we do venture out it takes forever to get ready & can barely move with all the layers.  We have been going to the park with Molly because at least there the trees give us shelter from the winds.
Why does this keep happening.......I'd like to say how I did this myself but it's some kinda magic!!!!


What is it?

Tyler & I had an impromptu photo contest.  The challenge was to take a pic of something & with photo editing turn it into something bizarre so it wouldn't be recognized.  Then Jessie would have not only guess they were but pick the best shot,

I didn't remember to save all of my originals but here are mine with the original if I had it
I think this looks like a fossilized animal
It is the end of a rotten tree stump.
I also see an animal in this picture.....but remember I have a vivid imagination!
Again a rotten tree stump

It's a telephone pole
These last two don't have originals


Future star?

This was the front page of our local paper yesterday
 Miss LiLi has decided that roller skating is her sport!


A special day

Today is my mother's birthday....Happy Birthday are missed so much!


Knock me over with a feather!

This photo was one that was featured on this blog.  I took a mini class & submitted a couple of my shots never expecting to have anything "good" enough!


Peeble's Island in pictures

These are some more pics I took Friday


Wildlife at Peeble's Island

Popster is in Florida.....freezing his butt I might Molly & I are footloose & fancy free.
Friday was a fairly nice day so I decided to go to Peeble's Island.  Jessica & boyfriend Tyler tagged along.  Tyler is as much into photography as me so he was like a little kid in a candy shop
If you look closely here this tree was home to lots & lots of crows.....a murder of crows!

We spotted what we thought was a pair of bald eagles.....that was when I wanted to tie a rope on Tyler so he didn't fall over the edge in excitement.
My tree is still surviving!
Watching Tyler in action made me realize I was watching myself!  The two of us would have driven Popster crazy!
A couple of deer down by the water
This one decided to flee

As we were driving away I had to slam on the brakes & throw the car in park because Tyler spotted this.
We're thinking a golden eagle??  I didn't have my zoom lens with me so this is a good as I could get. 

Then came the thril…