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Color Me Rad

Today started off a little cloudy & cool but by the time I drove to Altamont the sun was coming out. I made really good time getting there & was early so did not have a problem parking.  Within about 10 mins it was bumper to bumper coming into the parking area & it took Lisa & Raegan a while to get in & parked.  It was close to 9:00am before the rest of our team made it in.
They provided us with sunglasses & a packet of color bomb, also a nice tee shirt but suggested everyone wear a white one so you could get "tie-dyed"  They were sending a "wave" of runners off every 10-15 mins & we managed to start off running until we got out of the fairgrounds.  Between jog/walking, stopping for pictures & other shenanigans  we probably did it in about 48mins.  We hung around the finish line for about an hour because there was supposed some kind of finale where everyone threw their color bombs in the air.  It wasn't happening as there were still people trying to get in that had to run yet.  I guess traffic was tied up for miles as it hadn't been planned out properly.  We decide to leave so at that point I got my camera out of the car to take some pictures.......I was afraid to use it during the race as you get bombed & sprayed with water on the way around the course.
Lisa & Raegan
We got someone going by to take this one.

I found my way back to my car to sit in the parking lot for over an hour before I finally started moving a foot at a time.  It was not fun & there were still people arriving at that point!
I had to wash my hair 3 times, I have a blue decolletage & my left armpit is multi-toned....I do hope it wears off soon! 


  1. It was fun but I am still blue! AND I take real bad pics! Ewwww or maybe it's the outfit and colors!

  2. THey make it look so much fun in the videos , now I'm a little nervous.

    You look great and good for you for doing it. Did you enjoy it?

    Are you still all pretty colours?
    Congrats on the 5K


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