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Late afternoon by the river

We ended up down by the river late one afternoon
It's a beautiful section the bike path but we don't go there very much
Two reasons.....# one no dogs was okay Miss Molly pretends she's a person!
& # two it goes really close to 890 which makes it kinda noisy if there's a lot of traffic

The little park is beautiful & look the trees just loaded with berries

I also got some great back lit shots of "man & his dog"!


Stick Season

Now the leaves are all gone & there's no snow yet.............
.......we have what I call "stick season"
It means looking at things from a different angle

These were taken during the "golden hour"

 Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends & family

Late afternoon in the park

It is getting dark so early these days
 We head over to the park as soon as Popster gets home from work

 When we get this far Molly run free & chases her tennis ball

 A late bloomer
 A dandelion that thinks it's spring???

 See the woodpecker
 This is the sky when we're leaving

Special times

LiLi takes a piano lesson from Popster every week
 It's their special time together
 This is what she does when they are done!

100 Acre Wood

While on a different hike one day we met some people who told us about this place
Luther Forest is a new technology park off of Rte 9 that was built to accommodate the new chip factory.
They had an agreement with the town to build walking trails around the park
This one goes through the middle of the woods
There were several of these beautiful granite benches
The trails all interconnect but we just kept a fairly straight course so we didn't get lost
This was a really neat elaborate stairway to cross a big gully
Molly didn't exactly stay on it
She kept jumping on & off & elected not to climb the stairs on the other side

She always comes back looking for me if I get too far behind

This is where we decided to turn around but maybe next time we'll go to the end