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"Pint-sized" sewing

Mark & LiLi came over Weds for lunch & to do some sewing projects.
 When I went to the store to get the materials we needed I came across a huge box of sparkly bead & knew they were perfect for LiLi.....she is so into making the stretch bracelets & we had found a book on different designs, one of which was using beads.  I made this simple one using a crochet hook.
 This is a "hippie" you can see it's a little big for "skinny-minnie" needed adjusting!

 We made coasters out of felt can find it here.......very simple...... I cut out all the pieces ahead of time I made one of each so she could copy what I did.
 She was so funny & so precise & particular with getting it just right.
 Can you tell Daddy had done her hair that morning?

A little snow & brrrr cold!

These are from Monday when we took Molly over for her daily run.  It seems like the colder it gets the more she likes to run.
 You can tell by the way Popster is bundled up that it was really cold
 Molly met up with these two Besenji  dogs & is never quite sure how to handle them as they "gang" up on her!  It's very comical the way they do it!


A different perspective

I was trying different settings & some creative editing yesterday.......

...............I think they are kinda cool don't you?


Go away "Old Man Winter"! are way too early!  We drove home in a total blizzard last night....scary as the roads became so slippery!

 This is what we got up to this morning.

 Look at the way the wind is wonder the wind chill is so low!

this is the current temperature.......notice the RF is 4 degs!

 This is the 10 day for our area,,,,,not looking too good!(Unless you like to ski)
We are just getting ready to bundle up & take Molly for a walk.


Blue skies & scary trees

By the time popster gets home in the evening there isn't much daylight to get any really good pics.  He was early on Tues so we were able to get over to Kinn's road while the sun was still out.
I loved the way it lit up just the top of the water tower
This tree has a serious probloem with "warts"!
The next couple of trees look to me like "monsters!


That elusive moon!

I had popster going crazy again last Sat chasing the moon.
When we left the house it was just coming up & seemed to be "huge" but it was behind the trees!
After a few "Go left! No go right! Turn here" we ended up where I could get the shots I wanted but it wasn't "huge" anymore!


This is what I saw yesterday when I looked outside.....I know it's only a "sprinkle" but that is snow!  Along with the fact it was super windy with the temperature not getting much above 35 deg.  I think winter has put in an appearance!  This morning's temp was hovering around 22 degs  & today was a repeat of yesterday........not fun!
On the plus side it forced me into cleaning house so I could stay warm.........I can now see all the surface (well almost all) of my desk & I have my "must take care of" in one neat pile!


Molly being Molly

We were scheduled last friday to have our sprinkler system lines blown out so it could be shut down for winter.  As always Miss Molly believes that everyone who comes over is strictly there for her entertainment!
 She just ran circles around him & kept bringing him toys.  It so funny that when he was bent over checking the controls she was right next to him looking in the hole like she was helping!  Silly dog!
 Then he turned on the compressor & this happened.
That was when she decided she would watch from the safety of the sun room!


2013 Stockade-athon 15K

Today was the race & the weather was not that great.  I am now working Sundays all day so I went to work early & then had someone come in to cover me so I could go to the race.
We met Mark & Dani in the park about a half hour before the race was crazy how many people were there!
LiLi was not happy about wearing her hat but was so excited when she found out I had hand warmers.  I had one for each of us but it wasn't long before she had both of them.  They ended up in her boots as she decided her feet were cold.  We missed the start of the race  because she had to go to the bathroom.  Then we ended up standing in the wrong spot (thanks to a race official who didn't know which way they were running) so this was as close as we got to seeing them after they left the park.
It was so cold & damp so we took LiLi inside the pavilion where they had a huge fireplace.  We hung out there for a while & had hot chocolate.
We were able to catch Dani when sh…