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Welcome to the world

This is Nigel (my baby brother) & Susan's first grandbaby......he was born today & his name is Freddie George.  It's making me crazy as today is my first grandbaby's  22nd birthday!!!
What's up with that?????

Be careful what you say......

......because you never know when you may have to eat those words! 
After all the snow we had this weekend we had freezing rain/rain all night into this morning.  Finally around 11:00 am it stopped & we decided to see if we could find a way across Lake Kile that had formed at the end of our driveway & take a walk.  On the way out the back door I managed to bang my bum knee which led to a lecture from Popster as to how I was a danger to myself, an accident waiting to happen etc, etc!!  He then also had to add another remark, on his way out the door, about how "Tinkerbell" - meaning Molly - would probably have trouble getting across the "ramp" he had put down to cross the lake!  Less than 10 secs later I heard a crash & when I stuck my head out the door there is Popster in the middle of one of the bushes by the sidewalk!!!!  Apparently "Peter Pan" forgot the sidewalk was icy!!!
We all made it across the lake & took our walk.......only problem …

Happy Birthday Joshua

Happy birthday Joshua!

Where did this little guy go to???  
The one that used to look at me & say "No, no Nana!" & then stick his foot right in a puddle!
The one who obsessed about everything being red & once made a lady empty her whole bowl of halloween candy in search of  a red lollipop!
The one who, when he got his big boy bike, put his big wheel for sale by my mail box....for $2.00!
The one who, when he learned how to ride without training wheels, made me ride for hours on the smooth road in our neighborhood!  But not down the BIG hill.
The one who decided one day to try the BIG hill & gave me a heart attack by flying down without braking!
I miss that little guy!

Still snowing!

What's up with this weather....we had at least 3 more inches overnight & it's still snowing!

Will it ever end??????

Little Miss "Cutie"

I knitted this for LiLi probably about 5 years ago....right after Mark & Dani got their LID.  She is finally able to wear it!!!

 She's a very good model.....even though she had to be bribed!

She is so proud because she finished a puzzle.

Just a bit of snow??????

There was another storm headed our way overnight into Friday morning....they said we could have a little snow!  I headed to the gym at 5:45 AM & just drove around the block & back home.  It was snowing so hard I couldn't see where I was going.  I took these pics around 11:00 & it continued to snow for the rest of the day!  
We were finally able to find our mailbox & now who knows when it will surface again!

Visitors to my yard

My camera is always on my counter & these are some shots I have taken during the past week........the feeder is right outside the window.


When the temperature is really cold we get snow that looks like this.

 It is like fluffy cotton!

"You want me to what?" "Exercise?" "Are you crazy?"

Molly came down in my exercise room & when I wasn't paying attention &  stole one of the "weighted" balls.
"Okay what?"
 " You want me to do how many reps???"
"You do know this weighs 3 lbs" 
 "Oh okay...I'll try"  "Maybe I can push it with my nose"
 "Was that enough?"
 "29, 30, 45"
"Maybe I can bite a hole in it when she's not looking!"
"You can't make me do anymore!!!"   "I need a break for a snack"