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Back in the saddle?

I am finally driving my own car again......I think I'm still on the same tank of gas since Dec???

I went back to work yesterday to answer the phone & put "stuff" out in the pro shop......the golf course opened today so my winter hiatus is over!

I forgot how much I love driving my fits me just perfect.  It is so comfortable & fun to be driving a stick shift again.

A friend of ours(who worked for a car dealership) used to to say "There's an ar*e for every seat"

I guess my "butt" is meant to sit in my car's seat!

I'll end by saying "Does this car make my butt look fat?"


Champlain Canal

These are from two weekends ago.....I know I'm slow!

We were looking for a place to walk while we were at the dog trial & found this hiking trail
It follows the Champlain canal

We eventually came out in the grounds of the Phillip Schuyler house.

When we had driven there on Saturday we kept passing signs that said Zoo with an arrow so on the way home we decided to try & find it.  We drove forever on back roads & through farmland & very few houses.  We were ready to give up when we came upon the "zoo"........ using the term lightly!  There were a few bedraggled ostriches and some........
cows & goats!  That was the "zoo"!
This is Saratoga lake......still half frozen!

Saratoga National Park & Deer

These are a few pictures I took over the weekend.  We drove up to High Goal Farm on Saturday & in between watching the agility trials took a hike in the park up near  there

 I guess you call this a "winter" view.....blah!

 If you look where the X is on this shot you can see the white-tailed deer running to hide.

 This little guy decided to check me out.

 He let me get fairly close to him.........
 .......while his friend hid behind the fence.

" " Okay lady I've seen enough"
 "I'm outta here!"

 This is one of the big thoroughbred farms in Saratoga

Welcome Spring....Not!

What to you do when the weather will not cooperate?
When it's supposed to be spring but everywhere looks like frozen tundra?
You go buy flowers!
And make your own spring!


One day away from Spring???

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of Spring?

Not around here?
These were taken at noon & it is still snowing!


I keep finding things I forgot to post....these were from our Boston trip
These were some very big swans
I love the way the two males seem to be protecting the female