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Day one progress

I pulled a whole bunch of boxes & bins from the basement last night & started unpacking them this morning before I went to play golf.  Within a half hour I had stuff strewn everywhere....then I left!
 I got home at lunch & went right to work.
 This pile of tangled up mess went back in the bin & I used some new lights I found
 We found a santa hat for Molly to wear!
"How long to I need to sit here holding these lights?"
I made some progress &--- take note of the wet driveway--- even worked for a while in the least it was warm out!  Tomorrow is supposed to be halfway decent so maybe I'll be able to finish up outside.  I am also washing windows & doing some some final clean up work along with having to make all new bows for the new window wreaths I apparently decided to buy last year....must have been an after-christmas sale that lured me in!!!

"You better watch out"!

The "grinch" in me is going into hibernation for at least a year & I'm dragging out all the christmas decorations!!!

But first I'm going to play golf as it is going to be 60 degrees today!!

Yes, for those of you that pay attention, I am posting this at 4:00 else am I expected to accomplish all this in one day!!!

How about a cran-apple bread sandwich?

This was Thanksgiving morning & LiLi is serving the cran-apple & pumpkin breads we made.

 She makes sandwiches......putting the pumpkin bread between two pieces of cran-apple!
"Sandwich anyone?"

Prepping, baking & texting?

LiLi didn't have school Weds so she spent the day with me.
We made soup.
She takes her job very seriously!
Took a break to text her Aunt JoAnne!

Then we made cran-apple bread.
Good thing we had all day as greasing & flouring the pans just a little longer than normal.
As I've mentioned before she very paaarticulaaar!!!!!

Oh the wonder of childhood!

While LiLi was at my house on Weds she got a phone call from the big man himself.......oh the magic of believing!

"Oh my darling Clementine"

LiLi discovering clementines!

Happy Thanksgiving

Little Miss "Smarty Pants"

Mark & Dani went to a wedding...or as LiLi put it got married....Sat do we were babysitting.   We went out to dinner & when we got back LiLi wanted to practice her reading with me. 

 Every time she read a sentence I would say wow & she would look at me & with a big grin say "Aren't I a smarty pants?"
Bernie was challenging Henry to a fight.  I think I know who would lose!

Another year.......

has gone by & it's now 47!

Keep in mind I was only 2 when got married!

Funny story that only people who have been married forever will appreciate!

When I got home from work Poster had a dozen roses & a card waiting for me.  I opened the card, read it & looked at him & asked if he was saving money by re-using last year's card.  He looked at me & I believe the words were something like

"What are you crazy woman!  No one could possibly remember what card they got last year!  Do you know I read every card in the Hallmark store before I carefully chose that one!  I don't believe you know!  You show me!"  

I marched upstairs & came back down 5 seconds later with last year's card.

Need I say more!

The best part of this story is the reason I remembered the card was because I also got the same card for him last year!

Letting off "steam"

Molly is by nature a high energy dog especially as the weather gets cooler.  This requires some serious running time so we take her to the park & let her chase a frisbee!

Ground breaking (up-dated).......

....or maybe it should be called deck wrecking?
 Say goodbye to the deck!

 It didn't take long for Molly to steal something!
 The sonar tubes are all in waiting to be inspected.  Unfortunately it will be a couple weeks before anything else gets done as Jim is way behind in his schedule!!

I guess I better not get a 10 foot christmas tree!!

Apparently Jim does not trust us & insisted the doors got tied shut!
I will update with pics later!


Now the weather is turning colder Molly has soooo much energy!!  We took her to Jenkins after work but there isn't too much daylight to get good action shots.

 We took a walk around the neighborhood there as the sun was going down.

The sky is so beautiful as it gets colder.