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Oh March you can be so cruel!

These are from one of the the three major storms we've had this month.  Average snowfall for March is around 11 inches....we've had 32 inches this year & the last one keeps hanging around as it hasn't been that warm.
I know it looks so Mother Nature decided to put icing on all the trees
The dogs hadn't had a chance to run for a few days so we decided to take them over to Jenkins & see if we could slog through the snow!

Molly has pretty long legs so you can see how deep it is right here
Luna manages to do her "leaping" action that propels her through it!

By the time we got back to the car Molly had huge "snowballs" stuck to her legs & it took forever to pull them off

It's so pretty but we've had enough winter this year!  It's time for some green again.
Love Val💖

Forever Family day

10 years ago in a hotel room in China, this little scared girl entered our lives

She did n't know what to make of these people who were holding her

Now look at the confident girl she has grown into

Love Val💖

The last of the Big apple

We decided to visit St Patrick's Cathedral

 LiLi wanted to light a candle for her Mom

 There were two windows full of old sewing machines
LiLi had a custom made picture done for her Dad with the NY Yankee logo on it.  Of course I did not take a pic of the finished product.  We made our way thru the theatre district to Times Square

 This was our last stop before making our way back to Penn station

More of the Big Apple

After spending a couple of hours in the museum we headed across Central Park to the East side

You could see signs of the daffodils coming up

This area is called the Ramble & Josh brings a book & sits on the bench there.  It's very quiet in spite of being in the middle of a very busy city.

Crossing Madison Ave

We took the subway to Grand Central station where we had a quick lunch
It was very windy & getting colder
LiLi is proudly wearing her new hat that, after saying no to several street vendors, got one for half off!
That's St Patricks Cathedral
The famous Rockefeller Center

Love Val💖