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Update on Gilly......caution overload of cuteness

Well it's been a little over 3 weeks & this little 2lb fluffball has taken over the entire house!
 Here she is sleeping in Molly's bed.......
 .........while Molly sleeps on the floor!
 Jess bought her an early Christmas present........
 ........a little overkill don't you think?
 Josh & Carol bought her this bed........she won't sleep in it:)
.......but Luna tries to:)

 She tries to crawl into Luna's bed
LL or curls up like this in someone's arms  Dinner time is a hoot.......she has decided she has to eat with the dogs & will only accept dog food!
 If you don't give her a couple pieces she takes them out of their bowl
This video is the best......she tries to take Luna's bone!  And wins!

 She's very entertaining to say the least.


Another thanksgiving get-together

On Friday Gary & Michelle, along with Brent & Taryn drove up from Boston for a quick visit.
Of course any family get-together ends up around the piano. Taryn has been taking piano along with choir for a few  years & has that talent of being able to play a big variety of music.
Brent, like Gary, sings along to anything so it got a little crazy at times!

Everyone had their turn playing 
It took a while to talk LiLi into it but she did it

It was a fun evening & something that we should do more often


Thanksgiving Eve & Thanksgiving day

We started off celebrating on thanksgiving eve at Jeffrie & Emma's house.  This tradition began last year, so two years in a row it becomes a tradition....right? 
It was a little different this year as Jeffrie finally popped the question & gave her a ring.  There will be another wedding in our looks like 2020 for that one!

We were meeting JoAnne & Peter along with Josh & Carol for Thanksgiving day.  We had liked the place we went to last year so I made reservations there again.  Don't let this blue sky fool was brutally cold.  One of the coldest ones in quite a few years!

The reason Josh has that "grin" on his face was because he had just pointed out I was wearing the same cardigan as the previous year & then proceeded to pull up the pic on his phone.......slap him😝   

We had after dinner music playing with the water glasses!

We asked the hostess to take out picture & when I handed her the camera I said take lots of…

Snow & an overload of cuteness

We now have a mixture of fall & winter......there are leaves still on the trees but the weather is turning to cold already!

This is what happens when two seasons collide.  There are leaves on top of the snow.
 A couple days later we got a few  more inches & had to break out the snow boots,

Two happy dogs on their way to the park for a run.
Well obviously it's the weekend & it looks like the kitten is here to stay.  She won Popster over the first day she was here

Here's a couple of videos that show her interacting with everthing around her.

She was my sewing companion one afternoon & there wasn't anything left unexplored!

We are feeding her small portions of food 4 times a day & she is very demanding when she decides it's time to eat.

She has decided Luna is her momma & curls up with her for naps

She also tries to to make friends with Keek & he tolerates her craziness
Molly is having a tough time & is acting very neurotic but we'r…

The day that changed all our lives(especially the dog's)

Election day was very dreary & rainy so a quiet day at work.  Around lunch time Greg( the owner) came into the pro shop carrying a cardboard box.  On his way in he said "You won't believe what I just found in a pile of garbage"

Two baby kittens!  So tiny & so scared!
He looked at me & said "I just can't take them to the animal shelter so you take one & I'll take the other."  I stood there stuttering & thinking I'm not even a cat person, why would I do that!
Then I picked up this little helpless kitten & thought if I took her home Jess would be able to find someone to adopt her.
Next thing I know here I am driving home with her in a box.  I called Jess & told her I was on my way, so she headed to the store to get food & actually came home with kitten formula.  We figured she was about 4 weeks old & she weighed just over a pound.
She met the dogs & was not the least bit afraid of them

Gave her some kitten food…