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How cold is cold?

I cannot believe it's Friday's been another crazy week.  After spending mon & tues painting all the trim in the bedroom & my sewing room it was time to start putting those two rooms back together.  Popster helped me carry the base of the bed into our room before he left for his afternoon bus run.  I put that part together & when he got home we started on the the frame. 

Mistake # one we relied on our "minds" to remember exactly where the bed went.  DUH!

After going back and forth a few times we decided for the sake of our sanity & our marriage we would take Molly for a walk instead!  We started on it again weds morning with no better revelations as to where exactly the dang bed went. We plunged merrily ahead & fastened the headboard to the wall, put the frame together, & were ready to put in the liner when I stood back & looked at it  & said "It's in the wrong place!  We have to move it!"

There were a few …

Snakes big & small

LiLi came to our house again on Weds with big plans to get the sewing machine out of the box
I had found some easy things for her to make & we started with snakes!  Here's the link to the pattern.....very simple & easy for a "kid friendly" project
Yes I let her use sharp scissors to cut out the material
Popster cut me a piece of wood that I "duck-taped" to the foot control so she couldn't press it down too far.

Yes my sewing table & machine got moved to the sun room along with my desk & computer.  I'm all set I can just stay here for the rest of the winter & ignore the chaos in the rest of the house

Meet Larry the snake
We decided he was just a baby snake so then we cut out & sewed our own version of a much bigger snake!
Meet Rosie the momma snake!

Does she look pleased with her self?


Sewing, weaving & emptying the waterbed

Monday morning began bright & early as we needed to finish emptying our bedroom.  Mark was dropping LiLi off before 8:00am as she does not have school this week.  We needed to drain the waterbed before we could take it apart.  As usual we were having no luck getting the water to siphon out & even resorted to having LiLi (all 35lbs of her) sitting on it with us!!  It probably took over an hour & who knows how many tries before it worked.  Got the mattress out & discovered the decking was falling apart.....good thing we decided to do this project,,,,I was able to find a local place so we can just replace it & to be safe I also got a new safety liner & heater.  I don't want to be doing this again for a while!
 While Popster worked on replacing the baseboard & window trim in those two rooms LiLi & I started working on this doll kit she had gotten for her birthday.

 All the pieces needed to be sewn together.................
 ............before she coul…

Snow, birds & Sunset

I feel like I am taking one step forward & about ten back every day!  The house is a total "war zone" & I am discovering this is way worse than moving!  At least if you are moving things get put in boxes & labeled so you stand maybe a half a chance of knowing where things are!  We managed to empty our other two rooms.....most of which went into the office which happens to be the smallest of the three.  There are very "narrow passages" between the furniture but lots of luck figuring out where you might find clean socks or undies!  What didn't fit went downstairs in Popster's man cave.  His biggest complaint......he can't find his way to the bar to make a cocktail!  Poor baby!

It was a rat race all weekend getting the rooms empty & doing all the painting between trips to either L*wes Or H*me Dep*t to buy paint, trim, baseboard etc.  We have a standard joke every time we walk in the door "here goes another $100"  Seriously it is …

My new toy

I just bought a new lensfor my was a christmas present from Popster & it took me all this time to decide which one to buy.  I was torn between the 85mm & a wide angle 10-24mm(which by the way is on my wish list).
I haven't a lot time to play with it but it is supposed great for portraits & macro.
These were taken out of the window from the sun room
Molly "suffered" through being my model for some portraits
Don't you love the expression?  I swear there's a real person inside that head!
These are close-ups of the potpourri on my table

So far I'm liking it a lot!

No time to really play with it as I now have two more rooms to empty....I was hoping to be able to do the closets by myself but we're having another "freakin" snow storm which was supposed to start around noon today with anywhere from 3 to 16 inches(the computer modules are fighting amongst themselves as to how much....if you can picture that in your head!)…