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A day at the circus starring the amazing Mr Squirrel

One day last week I was doing dishes & noticed on tree branch swaying back & forth even tho it wasn't windy
Then I spotted this little guy
After watching for a moment I realized he was planning an attack on the bird feeders
He dove from the tree branch to the clothes line & for a couple minutes I got to watch his skills of running back & forth while upside down.
Then he begun sizing up the distance between him & the feeder.
This was right before he made a jump for it & missed.
He picked himself up & ran up the tree chattering angrily to himself

He entertained me for an hour & one time dropped from a high branch &  hit the feeder so hard on the way down I thought he had knocked himself out.  Less then 5 seconds later he was planning another attack!


Peonies & one late comer

Peonies are so beautiful but so short lived.  It seems inevitable that every year they burst into bloom when it gets hot & humid & then the next day we have torrential rain  the flowers are a wreck,
 This white rhododendron bloomed way later than the others


Afternoon by the river

Saturday afternoon we took a ride over to the bike path by the river.  I have spent all my spare time lately planting flowers & spreading mulch so this was a much welcomed break.
I have been working a lot lately so taking a walk somewhere different felt good
The sky was so beautiful


Head in the clouds

I love taking pictures of the clouds
Last Saturday was the perfect day for it
Blue, blue skies
Fluffy white clouds


50 years of "jolly swinging"

One of the golf leagues I belong to is celebrating their 50th year & I was organizing the mid season outing
 After burning up too many brain cells trying to come up with an idea for favors I turned to pinterest.  These are cheapo clay flower pots sprayed with gloss paint.  If you decide to do it use the paint & primer in one.  Trust me on this one....I know from experience.
I planted a mix of basil, oregano & lemon balm.  The "flag sticks" I found in the cake decorating aisle & the flags I printed in Microsoft word.  Very simple but cute.
The course we played had lots of wild life
This is an eagles nest with babies....we were lucky enough to see the eagle a couple of times but unfortunately I was not quick enough to get a pic.


Father's Day

Sorry it seems like I have fallen way behind with my blog......two I am working a lot & the other is blogger is giving me fits.  Is anyone else having problems????
I am not able to access my reading only shows one at a time.  Everytime I think I've fixed it I lose it again!  Very annoying!
It also it not letting load my pics right!
Anyway these are from father's day.  This is obviously what LiLi made for Popster.  When asked what it was she answered very seriously "It's a coat racket"
We asked if he could put his hats on it instead & she said "Then it's a hat racket" or should it be racquet?


A different view


Up close & personal

Look who Popster & Molly found last week
He was hanging out near the patio
He must be one of Sammy Nofeet's offspring.
He decided to spend most of the afternoon sunning himself on our patio