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Doing Christmas again

Carol had to work Christmas day & JoAnne & Peter were going to his sister's house so we planned to get together with them over the weekend.  Josh & Carol took the megabus on Friday & we picked them up at noon.  It was around 2F when they got here so Carol got to experience real winter!

Even Keek came out to say hi!

We were laughing at Carol as she had never sat by a fireplace so it was another "first" for her!
Scott Deidre, Megan & Colby came over for dinner & we ordered pizza & opened more presents

JoAnne & Peter arrived early Saturday morning & Mark & LiLi stopped over

Aunt JoAnne always knows what to buy for her

 We had a nice dinner together & they left to go back early as the weather was getting worse with another snow storm headed our way

Love Val💖

Can it get any colder?

It started to get cold on Christmas day & seems to get worse every day.....well below zero at night & not warming up much during the day.. They say Mother Nature has a way of getting even so I guess this is payback for the mild winter we had last year!
 I  have trouble keeping the feeders full for these little guys
 Patiently waiting on the clothesline for a spot at the feeder

 It's hard to get a pic of this one....he grabs a sunflower seed & flies away

 Can you see them all lined up on the clothesline?
 I need to get out there & fill the feeders so they can all eat

Love Val💖

Boxing Day

LiLi came over for the day & we spent it inside as it was ridiculously cold outside
 We opened more presents

 Jessica is modeling a ponytail for LiLi
 Here she is wearing her christmas socks with my slippers.. We did some weaving .....she made Luna a scarf

Popster gave her a piano lesson so the day went by very fast

Love Val💖

Christmas Day

It did eventually stop snowing & Popster was able to get the driveway cleared but then the winds picked up as the cold front blew in.
We opened presents when Mark & Dani got here
LiLi is questioning the way I had wrapped this one😝
She made Popster some of her famous barbecue rub

Luna was right in the middle looking foe a cuddle from anyone willing. Jessie was sleeping as she had worked her 8pm to 8am shift christmas eve & was working again that night. 
Emma came over after dinner....Jeffrie didn't make as he was plowing snow all day & actually didn't get home until 10:30 that night.  Unfortunately the weather doesn't stop for the holiday!
Molly had fun opening her presents
Luna wasn't so sure about it so needed some help

Check out Molly's face........she's wondering if Luna's toy is better than hers😏
LiLi got Banana grams for a present & they had challenge matches most of the day
Mark kept winning to the point they were ready to ki…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

This iswhat we woke up to on Chiristmas morning
A good 6inches on the ground & it was still coming down pretty good.....we probably ended up with 8 inches.

We were all up early......Jessie had gone to work christmas eve so when she got home she got her snow pants on & took the dogs out to play

I love this pic as it's a typical Luna charging at Molly shot

There goes that $70 grooming job she had 3 days ago😝