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Photo shoot

After we got the Christmas tree home & in water I wanted to do a photo shoot for the christmas card.  I was met with a lot of resisitance from the troops & it took some bribery on my part( lunch at the diner) along with a little foot stamping & guilt trips before I got some cooperation & we eventually arrived at the nature trail
 Not from the doggies you can see they participated perfectly😏😏 
 Molly: " Just sit here & look like a fool.  She won't give up so you have to humor her!"
 Luna:  "OMG these reindeer ears are killing me. 

Luna:  "How much longer do we have to do this?"
Molly:  "Maybe if you looked a little happier we could cut a break.  Can't you fake it?"

 Popster kept saying how do you plan to get a picture of all of us  I was like, watch me.  Yes I did.  I asked a complete stranger to take some for me. Popster & Jess pretended they didn't know me but hey you do what you gotta do!

Love Val…

Christmas tree oh christmas tree

We finally made to December & the annual family christmas day.  Our place we've been going to for the last few years weren't doing trees this year so we had to find somewhere new.  We ended up at a local lumber yard where the Elks were selling trees for charity
 We were a little early & everyone else was late so we had time to look
 Finally Dani & LiLi showed up & eventually Mark & Deidre.  That was all that were
coming.  Keeping it real there was some miscommunication & we were the only ones who got a tree when, in fact, we didn't really want to get one!  It was too early & I would have liked to have waited a week or two.  Dani would have got one but they had sold out of the dump truck size😛  Sott & Deidre of course, being homeless, weren't getting one this year.
 Molly is being "spoken" to!!😝

 She just wanted to say hi to Dani
 I picked out a tree & bought it because the guys had been so nice & it was for a good…


On Thanksgiving we got in the truck & drove towards NYC to meet JoAnne, Peter, Josh & Carol for dinner.  Actually it was closer to lunch than dinner as Jess had to go to work later that night.
Of course the doggies came along for the ride
They had a huge parking lot at the restaurant so we were able to let them get out & have a little walk

I had found what sounded like a great restaurant in Poughkeepsie but when I called for reservations 3 weeks ahead they were already booked.  They recommended their sister restaurant which was in New Windsor, a little further ride for us
It ended up being a great choice & we would definitely go back again

It was huge inside but everything was so well organized with lots of staff.

I was trying to get a family pic but as usual no one would cooperate!

I gave up!
 Took these instead & played with photo shop

Thanksgiving eve

On the night before thanksgiving we went to Jeff''s He & Emma just bought their first house.
They have a lot of work to make it thier own but have started here in the kitchen by painting the cabinets & Emma painted the counters.....amazing how great they look
All the rooms in the house have wallpaper  which needs to be stripped.
LiLi did the seating with name tags & this is the "young" table

Playing with her favorite thing.....homemade slime!

Uncle Scott dropped his keys in the middle of her bubble
Deisel was there as true to tradition he sat at the table & had his thanksgiving dinner

We all had a chance to pick squares for the annual football games

This is Daizie......she's not too spoiled is she?

Love Val