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Happy 12th Birthday James

I cannot believe that James is 12today!

Molly & Katie at Jenkin's Park

Katie is back from Florida so her & Molly had a very joyful reunion this week. These were taken last night at Jenkins.....the only reason I was there to take pictures was because the golf course didn't even open yesterday...temp was around 30 deg & wind chills much, much colder!! I was able to leave early. We actually had a dusting of snow over night! BRRRRR!!!!

Why would you do that?????

I was driving down Rte 50 today on my way to work. The car I was following had a decal in the back window that said in beautiful lettering:

In loving memorial to
1936 - 2006
Henry L. H*****G Sr.

In between the dates was a huge deer head like you would see in a hunting lodge.

Why would you do that?

I don't get it!

Did he spend his inheritance on the car?

Was he driving around with Henry's ashes in the back seat?

I don't get it!

PS. If it was Henry Jr. in the driver's seat of that car & he continues to drive the way he was, he will be joining Henry Sr. sooner than he thinks!

Riding trike & putting stones in the storm drain

We went to Mark & Dani's yesterday afternoon & Miss LiLi wanted to show me her new trike riding skills. We went around the block once & then the second time she wanted to go farther. She was pedaling most of the time but I was smart & put the handle in so I could keep her going on the right direction. She was very funny & would pedal like crazy if we met other kids bike riding!

We ended up at the corner doing her favorite thing.....collecting stones & throwing them in the storm drain!

Beautiful day

The crocus are peeking thru!

Molly enjoying the sun

Is Spring really here????

Yesterday it got to about 63 is supposed to be around 68!

Is Mother Nature fooling with us?

Is it really getting to be Spring?

All I know is I have to go to work!

Then I come home!

Then I go to work!

Get the picture!

Wow! Two years already!

These are from two years ago!

This was taken two weeks ago

What a difference this little girl has made in all our lives!

Happy St Patrick's Day

The end of the hiatus!

My free time is over & I'm going back to work today!

We are just about the only course open this early so it will be INSANE!

I wonder how many "new" BFF's I have this week?

Customer Relations

Monday has been my day all winter to go grocery shopping & it has been very interesting to say the least. I appear to be a magnet for LOP's (little old people) to ask for help to find things.

I frequently get "Do you work here?"

"Why yes, don't all sales clerks walk around in a coat & scarf?"

Last week I spent at least 10 mins helping a lady find the right toilet paper while discussing the merits of one or two ply? Pretty sad ugh?

Yesterday I was asked where the greek yogurt was. Now picture this lady....she was barely four foot...I towered over her & I'm only 5'2" on my tippy toes! She told me she was 101 years old & had never had greek yogart!

I wanted so bad to say "Well you go girl!" but I didn't think she'd get me!

As I walked away all I could think was...did she drive to the store by herself?

I want my hour back!

I definitely got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning............what is it about losing an hours sleep that sends the brain waves so wacky!! I stared at that d*mn clock last night for hours before I finally fell asleep. All my brain kept thinking about was that lousy hours sleep I was losing!!
Well guess what! I lost about 4 hours sleep!!!!

Hiking at Saratoga National

These are a few pics I took over the weekend when we went for a long hike with Bob & his wife. It was a beautiful day & really felt like Spring was on it's way.

I have finally finished editing all my photos from England & have updated the blog all the way through the time we were there. You can see all the photos by going to "my web albums" in my sidebar.

Interesting snow sculpture made by the sun!

Miss LiLi


I added some more up-dates today.

There is a certain someone (I won't mention his name but his initials are N.A.K.G) who follows this blog, who has been waiting for a certain post....just to let you know it's up!

Happy Birthday Dani

Happy Birthday to my sweet DIL Dani

Happy 30th Birthday Kevin

My nephew Kevin is 30 years old!!!!

Indian Meadows

Friday afternoon we took Molly over to Indians Meadows so she could have a run.

She started growling, barking and running in circles like she had seen something that scared her!

The culprit - this piece of fabric blowing in the breeze!

This montage I put together says it all............she just runs & runs & runs!!!

More up-dates

Just to let you know I have posted some more up-dates....just go back to older blogs.