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And the old shall be new

A gift from Popster

 A gift from Scott that will require some work on my part
 The question is do I clean it up & leave it in all it's rusted glory?  Do I paint it?  Do I paint the lettering?
 This is another project gift that can be gorgeous....the glass globe is red underneath all that dirt!

Molly & the chickadee

I went outside this morning to do some yard work & noticed Molly standing near the pile of gravel looking "puzzled"
 This is what she was looking at
 It's a baby chickadee looking very,very sad!
 He either fell or was pushed out of his nest & couldn't figure out how to fly.
 Molly just watched over him....she wouldn't hurt a fly.
 I thought they were nesting in my cherry tree either in this nest or
 inside this bird house.
 It took him all afternoon to navigate our front yard with Momma & Papa bird watching over him.  They would keep feeding him & trying to encourage him to fly.  I looked all around after dinner & couldn't find him anywhere so I have my fingers crossed he figured out the flying thing & is safe in a tree for the night.

Graduation party= fishing, rooster, freeze pops & cupcakes

In spite a threat of thunder storms it was a nice afternoon for Jess & Meghan's graduation party

 The kids, of course, had to fish

 Scott put  a dock in the back pond so they had a ball trying to scoop up fish.
 Of course we had to visit the chickens & Mr Rooster!

 LiLi demonstrated the fine art of eating a freeze pop!

 "Is my tongue purple?"
 She is trying to con Daddy into letting her play with his phone.
 Congrats to the graduates!

Another dance recital

LiLi had her dance recital last saturday.  This time it was at The Egg in Albany
Can you see how excited she is?

This cracks me up how small she is!
This is her friend's hard to believe they are the same age!

It was a loooong night as it started almost an hour late & she did a ballet routine in the first act & then a tap routine in the second one.

Sorry people for "sneaking" out as soon as her routine was can only sit through so many dances!