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Molly being Molly

Just Molly having fun at Kinns road dog park


Finally signs of spring!


One for the record books

LiLi had her first soccer game of the season yesterday
Here she is putting on her shirt
Dani is trying to make the smallest shirt they have fit a peewee.

This was during the warm-ups

Now we get to the real matches

This is during a time out & she is showing off the gap from her missing tooth.

Team pow-wow

 This is a collage of the longest goal in the history of the sport....& I am referring to the length of time not the distance.  The other coach called illegal use of hands on one of his own players & gave the ball to LiLi.  She only needed to go maybe 5 yards to get to the goal but I swear it took her a good 3-4 mins.  The funny part of the whole thing was everyone just stopped & watched as she oh so carefully maneuvered the ball into position so she could kick it into the goal.  Too funny!

First softball game

This actually was from last friday & was not really the first game, just the first one I went to. Most of the games are at 4:15 so I don't get a chance to go to many.

Here's Jessie making a play at  first.

 Jessie is #6 with her back to the camera.

This is a self portrait....see if you can figure it out.

More Diva & emergency surgery sewing!

A few more outfits for the fashion diva.
This is the twirl skirt again

I cut out a couple things & appliqued them onto another Targ*t t-shirt to go with it.
Love this sundress is Simplicity easy-to-sew 2469

This material is a Michael Miller design called "China Doll" & is no longer manufactured.  I bought 5 yards of it about 7 years ago when Mark & Dani were waiting for LiLi.  I made her first dress with it back then & have been using it for different projects.  This is the last dress I will make & have only about 1/4 yard left which I will make into something special for her.
Same sundress ...different fabric which I found in our local W*lmart.

Loved the bright colors in this!
This was my emergency sewing when I got home from dinner last night....Miss LiLi has a loose tooth so needed this for when it comes out!

A faint sign of spring

These were taken last weekend on the bike path
It was again very windy & sorta warm
Probably would have felt warmer but for the clouds!

However I did see some faint signs of spring
Last year we were about 3 weeks ahead & this year we are 3 weeks behind...still feels like March!