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Flowers & insects

We were at the park saturday afternoon to let Molly have a run chasing her frisbee
I spotted these flowers
& a beetle
Then this guy appeared in my lens
It's a hummingbird moth

I love getting something unexpected in my pics!


Aaaaaaah moment

After opening this morning I got out of work at lunch time, came home & mowed the front lawn(no grass worth cutting in back yet) & decided I needed "five".

I sat on the patio & just chilled........aaaaaaaah moment!

Rainbow looms & birthday candles

I finally got around to taking pics off my camera & realized how far behind I have gotten.  I know I've spent this summer playing catch-up but this is getting really bad!  These are almost 3 weeks old!
This girl is still obsessed with her rainbow loom

Just a few of the bands she has made

Celebrating Daddy's birthday

Molly's reward

Molly got a special treat on Sunday afternoon....frosty paws!  Check out the pure enjoyment of that treat!

 "Dang that was good!"
"May I please have another one?"


A Title & a letter......

The dog show that our club puts on was yesterday & finished up this morning.  I kept reminding Popster that he needed to send in Molly's entry as she only need one more leg to get her beginner novice title.  She could enter for both days so would have 2 chances at getting it.  Of course he didn't do it in time & had to do some "pretty please with sugar on it" to get her entered however it was only for today.  I was stewarding 2 rings away so I didn't see her go in the ring & only caught the tail end when she was doing the recall.
She managed to get a 3rd place ribbon & now has her title!
Dear former owners of Mia Faith(Miss Molly)
This is the dog that you took to the animal shelter at 3 months old telling them that she was untrainable!  Sure she can be a crazy dog but that is part of her personality.  Yes it was frustrating at times which is why we named her Miss Molly( good golly Miss Molly).  Yes it took more than a couple months to accomplish b…

Where have I been?

I wish I could say somewhere exciting but no!

The most exciting in my life right now is checking to see if the grass is growing!
This is what my yard looks like right now.  We ended up raking up the whole yard as the perfectionist in me didn't like what they had done.....I know but I'm anal like that!  We had 3 yards of top soil delivered which we took wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow to the back & spread, raked & re-seeded it. 
Notice all the leaves?  Well apparently all the digging sent my trees into temporary shock & they were dropping leaves like snowfall!  It lasted about 4-5 days & thankfully has now stopped.

Of course the seed they put down is growing beautifully in my garden & in the mulched area along side the garage. 

I keep repeating to myself "Patience.  It takes time for grass to grow.  Rome wasn't built in a day."

It's not helping!

I want my yard back!

Sniff.  Sniff!


More of the money pit

By the time I got home on Thurs they had finished the first section & were working on the next one

The patio wasn't a good place to relax

After the trench is dug & leveled it gets a layer of sand

Then these "baffles" are laid down
The drain pipe goes on top of them
It's then covered with fabric & then another layer of sand

Look how far this guy could throw a shovel full of sand