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This is the answer

It was a spider web over Molly's toy box,,,,,right after it rained!

"Yippee.....I'm free!"

Popster went this week to get Molly a tag so she can run loose in the new park we found
Look how happy she is!

Always looks back to make sure we are following her

What is it?

Saratoga Park

Sunday morning we took a walk with Jessica, Bob & Noreen & decide to meet at the park in Saratoga
When we crossed the road to go back into this entrance I was in "photo-op heaven"

The sunflowers were gigantuous!!

I have to find out what these are
It was like all the flowers were on steroids!

That is Jessie's arm holding up this flower

Prospect Mountain - Lake George

When Popster got home from golf yesterday we decided to take a ride & ended up at Lake George
We started out by driving up Prospect mountain
It was very hazy so the views were just okay.

The summit where we were headed...up the trail as we couldn't take the shuttle!
This is why.....we couldn't find anything to disguise Molly with!
Yes....we break the rules!

That is our car....way down there in the parking lot.

We then drove down into the village & took a walk by the lake
Couldn't take a tour boat dogs!
We did mange to sneak her on the pier & she sat & watched the ducks swim by.
This is a tandem para-sail......I would love, love love to do that but wouldn't be able to talk Popster into it.....Molly either!

She's not too spoiled is she???

Busy as a bee