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Goodbye is the hardest word!

All too soon it was the last night of our trip
Greg & Jennifer stopped over & Zoe, Barry & the "short guy" popped round

He's such a character!
We left early saturday morning for the airport.  Barry drove & we made it there in plenty of time.  Nigel is calling Terry as he & Lucy drove up from Canterberry to see us off.  They weren't able to visit while we were there.
I think he's smirking here as he just watched us have to repack our luggage in the middle of checking in.  One of the suitcases went over 50 lbs so I was frantically throwing dirty laundry & such into one of the carry on bags.
We found a coffee shop & had a nice visit with Terry & Lucy before we had to say goodbye
This is part that is no fun but we got through it & headed for security

Piece of cake compared to Newark when we left & we're thinking no problem when we realize one of our bags didn't come thru. Guess what! It had set off alarms & no…

Fun pics from Cambridge

These are just a few shots I took that were just for fun
They have guided tours that go by boat
Just like the gondoliers in Venice

Look at the guy on the the right...he's really into the part!
Some of the locals

Beautiful hedge
Someone must have used this one to practice their hedge cutting skills
This is Confucius
 Just love the way the crocus pop up anywhere they want

Around Cambridge

We wandered around for a while & then headed into the center of town
See what I mean about the bicycles!

You can tell I loved this building

Definitely a pedestrian friendly town center
We stopped into this McDonald's as Kevin is the manager.....don't let the outside fool you.  It's huge & has two floors.
I guess in spite of cell phones they still need phone boxes.

Not a blade out of place

Here's William Shakespeare
This medieval looking cricket was operating a clock

The Eagle is where Francis Crick & James Watson announced they had discovered DNA.