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New Year's Eve day

LiLi & I made ornaments out of christmas cards

Give this kid a pair of scissors & she is in heaven

 We also played several games of Uno
 She is reading a Treasury of Fairy Tales that belongs to Jessie.  I was going to read something for her but she wanted to "read inside her head"!  Alrighty then!


Birds of a feather

Love the contrast between the red of the cardinal & the black & white woodpecker


Studying the tree

LiLi examined almost every ornament on my tree.......
She wanted to know where each one came from...
Did she she make it.......?
If not who did.......?
It turned out to be......
A great chance to take some candids!


Molly 's toy

Santa bought Miss Molly yet another toy

It took a while to open as she has to lick everything new
Her typical pose when she has a new means "touch it if you dare!"


Christmas Day

We did the usual Christmas morning with Mark & Dani
These dogs just love Popster!
A light-up running hat for Mark..........I think he likes it!
LiLi is giving JoAnne her earrings
The Big Book of Why .....I'm sure she'll be spouting off facts in no time!
The big hit of christmas
A tv for her "office" with this on it.
It was hysterical watching her & JoAnne

I have a video but haven't up-loaded yet
Check out the outfit....especially the shoes
They lasted less than 5 mins......her feet hurt!
Christmas day at our house was more chaotic than usual.  "Someone" read the directions wrong on how to cook the extremely expensive holiday roast & "Someone Else" agreed with the stupidity so consequently dinner was more than 2 hours late.  Needless to say some of the crowd got a little unruly after an extremely long cocktail hour!  However dinner was delicious once it appeared on the table!
I was very lax with taking pictures on…

Merry Christmas to all...........

.....Ho, Ho, Ho!

Our visitor came back.......

......almost exactly a year later this bird....a northern flicker....popped in for another visit
I was doing my hair when I kept getting glimpses of something fairly big at the feeder.
There was quite a racket at the same time so I opened the bathroom window
Apparently he was annoying my other woodpecker....on the right of this tree.
They had a "standoff" for about 2-3 minutes on this was about 8 degs & I was hanging out of the window getting these shots
See how much bigger he is?