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Happy Halloween

"Death of a crow & liposution by Mollcula"

Remember the post about the dead crow? Well even fake crows you can see it wasn't pretty! He's missing his face as well as all his feathers!

This poor scarecrow is suffering from "liposuction-gone-wrong" by an over zealous surgeon named Mollcula!

One leg is completely "sucked-out" & she's working on the other one!

Yum Yum!!!!!

She absolutely kills me as she does not destroy any of her own toys - just mine!

Happy Anniversary Nigel & Susan Oct 29th 2009

Happy 34th anniversary Nigel &'s to many more!

The longest hour of my life.........

Last week a light on my dash came on with a picture of a would flash on & off but mostly only when I slowed down. The dash lights seemed kinda dim so I reported the problem to Popster! He, of course, just mumbled & said to keep an eye on it. It was kinda hard not to as it kept flashing right in front of my eyes!
It did it all the the way to work the next day so he stopped over & looked at the battery. One of the cables was corroded so he cleaned it off, took the car for a drive around the block & told me the light was off. Wrong I got in the car to drive home & there was the light again! It was still doing it the next day so He took it to have the battery checked & it showed it needed charging. He said I hadn't driven it enough to charge the battery up!
Anyway the light kept coming on & by Mon was staying on all the time. Still no response from Popster!
This morning it was pouring & it looked like I had the day off so I d…

"Trick or Treat"?

Conversation Popster had with Miss LiLi

Popster: " Do you know what next Sat is?"

LiLi: "Help me"

Popster: "It's Halloween"

LiLi: "Oh"

Popster: "What will you say when you ring someone's doorbell?"

LiLi: "Trick or treat, smell my feet"

How funny is that coming from this little fairy?????


Most people have a garden gnome..........I have a gardendoodle!!!!

Happy Birthday JoAnne

It's JoAnn's 3*th birthday.................oh my if that is true I must be getting very old!!!!!

She is the "baby" of the family!!!

This is "goofball" Molly at the park!

PS Couldn't figure out how to edit it so pay no attention to the end...........I didn't fall & hurt myself!!! grossed me out!

When I got up this morning the back of my neck was bothering me. I just shrugged it off & went to the gym. After I got out of the shower it was really bothering me but it's very hard to see the back of your neck.......all I knew there was a big bump that felt like it was burning as well as hurting. Popster finally came home & he couldn't decide what it was but by then I was suspecting it was a tick! Sure enough after getting some tweezers & rubbing alcohol I was directing "operation tick removal" It took like 3 tries because that little booger would'nt let go!!! I must have had a bad reaction as it hurt all afternoon.

Of course you know I had to go & "google" tick bites........wish I didn't! My doctor's office said to just keep an eye on it as it at least two weeks before any signs of Lyme disease will show up.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!!

The end of Fall decorations!

Remember this from about a week & a half ago!

This is what it looked like this morning!

The "culprit"!

Destroying one pumpkin!

Here goes # 2!

Caught in the act!

"I did not touch that pumpkin!"

" Maybe it was that squirrel up in that tree!"

Doesn't everyone put their pumpkins in the bushes!

I cannot have real pumpkins because the squirrels eat I can't have fake ones because Miss Molly thinks they are toys! She also thinks the scarecrows are toys! And the hose guides. And the driftwood..............................the list just goes on!

BTW I did not pose her in the last two shots............that's just the way she sits when I yell at her!

Our Sunday Adventure

Today we decided to go to the Saratoga National Historical Park which is about 25 mins from our house & has beautiful views & a nice 4.3 mile hiking trail.

This is the beginning of the Wilkinson trail

As you can see the views are beautiful & it was all downhill!
How does this tree manage to survive?
Now the trail goes through the woods

Back into an open meadow
They really mean steep hill...........the trail goes down into a deep ravine & back up the other side!

Now we are going back up hill!

At this point I needed to p** ...if you look in the middle of this shot you can just see the visitor's center!
Still climbing the hill!

The trail to nowhere.........................

It was a fairly decent weekend even though the weather man was predicting a "wash-out" for Sat. Now Miss Molly can ride in the car we have been going to different places to walk. So when the sun came out Saturday afternoon we decided to go explore a bike trail we have been going to a lot. I had read that they got some grant to expand this trail & they had redone part of where we had been going. We parked in the village of Round Lake & headed in the other direction..........the first mileage marker we came to said 13.5 miles & the next one was 13 miles so we were like wow we must be going all the way to Halfmoon! After about 2 miles the trail crossed a street & there was a place to park so at that point we turned around figuring the next time that would be our starting point.
I had to work Sunday morning but went to the market on the way home so we could go explore our trail again. We didn't have a problem finding where we left off & started out ag…