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Happy 19th birthday Josh!
We love you Nan & Popster

Up-date: I drove up to Herkimer at noon to take Josh out to lunch for his birthday as he only had one class today at 3:00 pm. When I got there he had made me coffee(sweet boy) & I got to meet his roommates & a couple of friends. Then I took him & his friend Jeff out for lunch. He is a very happy boy at school which makes me happy!

Another Winter Wonderland

This is what we woke up to today - about 8 inches of the heaviest snow so far this year. I know it is very pretty but I am so done with snow, ice, freezing cold & winter in general ! It's time for warmer weather, green grass & flowers YES lots of flowers!

Another dose of "Cuteness"

How sweet is this! Plus we in the snowy northeast get a look of spring - Susan we are very jealous of the flowers you have already!

The second one from the right belongs to me! Nigel I'm booking my ticket to come get him!

Travel Approval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES - Mark & Dani received their travel approval today & the agency has already faxed the information to the American Consulate to get that appointment set up. That should take between 1 - 6 days & then they will be given the travel dates so they can book our international flights. They have also been told those dates are expected to be 5 weeks from referral day(we did the math!) which is the week of March 10th!!! Yikes - I really need to get moving - that is only 2 weeks from today!
The shower was a great success & I think Dani was overwhelmed by all the beautiful gifts she got. We filled Mark's truck, Dani's SUV & my car to get everything back to their house. I have posted pictures herefor anyone interested. I spent about two & a half hours helping her put clothes & things away while Mark assembled things. She is certainly going to be one of the best dressed girls in town!

Twas the night before...........................

There's nothing like getting down to the's 11:30pm & I just finished loading all this plus a big laundry basket & another big box into my car. So Dani if you are "lurking" around my blog tonight here's a sneak preview of tomorrow's big day!!!!!

"Happy Pills"

After finding out the hard way he shouldn't be at work yesterday my dear hubby came home & crashed.......... on the floor this time with a heating pad on his back. He also got the doctor to write a prescription for a muscle relaxant. He's doing much better today because now he has the right combination of what I call "happy pills"

For better or worse............

My dear hubby went to the doctor yesterday & his cold of last week has turned into bronchitis, but he also threw his back out over the weekend & all the coughing has made it worse. Right now he is a "pathetic human being"( his words not mine). I dimly remember from 40 some odd years ago saying "in sickness & in health" but don't remember the part about tying shoe laces & removing smelly socks!
Hey kids remember when we were discussing long term health care & you agreed you would take care of us? Well it's time..................Popster's bags are packed & he's ready to be picked up!!!!!!!

Another "Crazy" Weekend

Only difference this one lasted 3 days instead of 2! It started off bright & early on Saturday morning when my "guys" showed up to finish the shower & put in my new kitchen sink. First of all there were no directions for the shower door! I found them on-line & thought we were all set but they discovered there wasn't any hardware!! After a call to the store I was told I would have to return the door & get another rather than giving me the parts. My dear husband was working so John volunteered to put the door on his truck to take it back(no way was in going to fit in my car). We left Dennis L. installing the sink. Apparently hubby called while we were gone & was told John & I were off "bonding" together in Home Depot - these guys are very funny!! After we got a door with parts things went a little smoother but it was very late by the time they finished up for the day. They did run the new gas line for my stove so I was able to go …

"Aaaaah Moment"

Is this the most adorable picture. The proud parents are Rosie & Nelson - border collies who belong to my brother Nigel & his wife Susan. They were born about four weeks ago. Anyone interested in a new puppy.......... they are a little expensive as you have to travel to England to pick them up!

Happy Birthday Tom

Today is my brother-in-law Tommy's birthday! Here's to Tommy ....have a wonderful B'day!

Happy Valentines's Day to all......

Happy valentine's day to everyone. Hope you all got something good...... flowers, chocolates, hugs, kisses from whoever! As for me I'm off to enjoy my goodies ..............chocolate covered strawberries!!!! um um good!

Happy Anniversary Mark & Dani!

February 13th, 1998

Happy 10th anniversary Mark & Dani. Just think it is your last one as a couple! Soon you will be a "forever" family. We love you both & wish all good things for the future.
Love always Mom & Popster!

P.S. Who said Friday the 13th was unlucky!!!!

It doesn't get any better than this..........

My dear husband started to get sick yesterday & at 4:00 pm took to his"death bed". He was still "passed out" when I got up this morning but now the dog wouldn't get up!(sympathy pains??). Finally at 7:30 am I made Liza get up & go out then fixed her breakfast which she refused to eat. About 9:00am hubby gets up moaning "it isn't fair"! Now I have him sitting at the table groaning & Liza pacing back & forth & I'm alternating between"Hon drink your juice" & "Liza eat your breakfast"!!!!!! He's right's not fair!!!!!!!

Golly - What a weekend!!!!

And the craziness continues............I was planning to go to Mark & Dani's this weekend to help her clean Sophia's room & go through the "enormous collection" of clothes this little girl has already. We also had to start all the paperwork for the trip which is a little scary as our passports had to be sent to California to apply for our visas. Please, please, please UPS DO NOT LOSE THEM!!
Of course it was a crazy week with "the call" coming on Tues & I have been totally off the walls ever since. We are in the midst of projects in our house & I had two guys coming over Sat to start the tile in my downstairs bathroom. Of course it was Thurs before I realized we hadn't got the tile or the shower door! Off to the store that day & we were loading the car in less than 20 mins - my hubby couldn't believe shower door but we had the tile. The guys showed early Sat & ripped out the old shower in no time! I went do…

Happy Cinese New Year!

Xin nian kuai le!

Happy year of the rat to every one out there. It is certainly going to be a special year for our family & I can't wait

Receiving Sophia's Package

Happy 1st Birthday Sophia Li Li

Happy 1st birthday dearest Sophia Li Li. We so wish we were there with you to celebrate this very special day. Just want you to know you are not alone on your birthday.............there are so many people that have you in their thoughts & prayers today. Hang in there little girl your "forever" family is coming to get you real soon. With all our love Nana & Papa


What an unbelievable day!!!! It's almost midnight & I was awake at 2:00 am so I'm just about wiped out! To see the looks on Mark & Dani's face was so awesome & I was able to video them & not shake too much. They have the video linked to their web site so you can see it here.
It's official.........the agency has the referrals & Dani will be getting a call tomorrow around noon. I told her to expect me at her house around 10:00am with the coffee! Do you think she or Mark will get any sleep tonight.........I know I won't! She is somewhere on that map...........I wonder where?