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Showing posts from June, 2010

I finally did it!

Every year my goal is to get all the mulch finished by July always seems like an impossible task but it always gets done!

This year a week early!

Happy Anniversary Greg & Jenifer

Happy 36th anniversary to my brother & SIL!

Yummy...cake & ice cream!

Just some pretty flowers

These are just a few shots I have taken recently.

Garden Tour

LiLi, Dani & I went on a garden tour last Saturday.........we went to six of the houses picking from ones that were close to each other.

I thought this was kinda neat with our reflection in it!

This was a beautiful waterfall without a pond at the bottom.

I wanted this rock

When we drove up the driveway to this house I looked at Dani & said "I'm home. Please can I live here?"

I would live in the cute is this!

Isn't it beautiful?

Was that an earthquake?????

I was on the phone & Lisa is yelling at me from her office "OMG IT'S AN EARTHQUAKE!"

After telling her she was nuts I went back to what I was doing only to find out it was an earthquake!

Happy Father's Day

Molly catching frisbee in the park

Popster takes Molly to the park most days to play Frisbee.....her new favorite game. I went along today to see if I could get some action shots!

Here she is waiting to go in.

She usually misses the first couple.

I love the way her ears "fly" when she's running

As you can see she doesn't wait for it but tries to snatch it on the way down!

She's all done & ready to carry it back to the car.