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"Goodnight Irene"!

Again these are from a couple weeks ago.  We were going out to dinner but LiLi challenged Jessie to a game of around the world.  Can you believe she played in a dress & flip flops!

 Of course LiLi get to shoot from a closer spot & in spite of Jessie being pretty good I'm sure you can guess who won.  Right before she sinks the winning shot she says "Goodnight

Who do you suppose taught her that?

Amazing sky


Lovely Lilacs


Mother's Day

I am finally getting around to taking pics off my memory card & sorting them out.....shame on me, they go all the way back to before mother's day.  The weather that day was gorgeous & we spent a lot of time outside.  As I'm sure you can tell LiLi loves having Jessie around & wants to do everything with her.  The bicycle riding had us all holding our breath for a while!  We had our piano recital & LiLi played her song for Dani that she had spent so much time practicing.  There was even time for some gymnastics & dog grooming. Fun times! Love


Due to circumstances I didn't get any pics of Jessie after graduation
 She put on her cap & gown & we did a impromptu photo shoot

Of  course Miss Molly decided she had to be in it.


Road Trip

These are some pics of our trip to Canton
 More than half of it was through the Adirondack park
 Such a beautiful part  of New York state
 Would have been prettier if there were leaves on the trees

 Lots of quaint villages

 Lots of lakes

 When we got to Canton this Amish couple were setting up their wagon on the main road into town