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Sun two

One of the things that amazed me today was that the big pile of lumber that was in my back yard yesterday morning is fact they had to leave after lunch to get more!

Now I can get an idea of how the room will look with the windows framed in.
By the end of the day there are even walls!  Rumor has it the roof goes on tomorrow.  I'll be moving my chair in this weekend!
My view from the inside is a little blue right now!

Sun Room - Day one

Even though I knew Jim was finally coming today I didn't believe until

 I saw this in the street and
this in my driveway!
I am not able to take pics of the whole yard as my lens is still out being repaired.
By 3:30pm my room had a floor. I told Jim I was bringing my chair out tomorrow........he didn't find that amusing!

"Pinch me....i'm dreaming!"

Stay tuned ....we finally have some action!

Overheard this morning:
Freda:  "Hey Floyd I see we finally have something going on around here!"

Floyd:  "Oh yea....looks like they'll be here a while"

Freda:  "You don't suppose they'll be doing the Full Monty do you?

The power of the button!

On our way home from dinner tonight we called to activated Popster's On-star mirror.  It took about 10 minutes & our adviser said it would take about 5 more minutes for the activation & not to remove the key until it was complete, to just follow the instructions.

As we pulled into the driveway a recorded voice said installation was complete so Popster pressed the call button thinking he was turning it off.  Wrong!  It started ringing & he got an on-star operator. He started explaining that he called by accident & the more he talked the deeper the hole got & the more I laughed!

He finally said "Okay I am going to press this button now & get rid of you"

By then I was splitting a gut laughing so hard!!

He walked into the house muttering to himself.....something about wouldn't life be great if he could get rid of all aggravating women by pushing a button!

They're all through....scandolous!

That's it's final!  Their rocky & tumultuous relationship is over & it wasn't pretty!  Wanda is history! Popster has a new love in in life......I bought him the On-star rear view mirror for his birthday & finally got it installed yesterday. How long will it be before he calls her a lying bitch?

Shek the musical

We went with LiLi to see Shrek at Proctors last was Our christmas present to her.  Popster has been working crazy hours since he got back from Florida so Mark went with me instead.  It was great but didn't start until 8:00pm & lasted 2 1/2 hours.  LiLi did great until the last 45 mins & was asleep before we left the parking garage.

I have no pictures cus I'm a "bird brain"

OMG she really meant it!

Molly & I just got back from obedience class.  We were doing "long recalls" with a dog in each of two corners of the room & taking turns to leave the dog, walk diagonally to the other corner & call them to you.  Al's golden (the same dog that took off two weeks ago) did it again & guess what?  Dr Ruth Betty made him leave the building & his dog was put into a crate!  As soon as the dog was in the crate he came back in but had to ignore his dog until everyone was done.  At which point he could get the dog back out of the crate & try worked because the dog did fine then.  But during the long sits & long stays the dog would keep getting up!
Man that dog is making Miss Molly look like an angel!

Gong Xi Fa Ca!

"Oh I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts"

Jessie needed a ride to work today & when she was done we picked her up & she spent the day with us. We took Molly to her agility lesson & on the way home we stopped at the market to get some crusty bread to go with the soup we we having for dinner.   Jessie has been obsessing about getting a coconut so I told her to go pick one out.

 First of all we made holes in it to get the milk out.
Then we took it out on the work bench to break it.  Here is Lizzie Borden Jessie in action!
Don't get in her way.......I almost didn't get the picture I was laughing so hard!

She insisted on gluing the shell back together so she could save it.
This is what she does to Molly's ears every time she comes over!

Hot/Cold, Sun/Snow, Play/Work

Someone is in for a rude awakening today!


Today would have been my mother's 91st birthday......Happy Birthday Mother......we all miss you!

Warning....your village idiot may be missing!

I take Molly on two 2-miles walks every day, once in the morning & again in the afternoon.  We also have two different loops that we take, a morning one & then a different one in the afternoon.
You know how every neighborhood has that know....the one that's a little different from the norm?  Well we have this lady that doesn't just have a "few screws loose" hers are "missing in action"! 

In fact I would even goes so far as to say she is certifiable!  Big Time!! 

She has a beagle named Dexter who howls at every person, car, fact he howls at anything that moves!  Most people say they are not sure which end of the leash is the wackiest! For the past two weeks, no matter what time I leave the house, I meet her.

I don't get it!

She doesn't live that close, in fact several blocks away.  I don't stick to a schedule this time of the year,  sometimes when it's cold I wait a while in the mornings.  The afternoon it&#…

Yellow Finches

These little guys fascinate me....I'm obsessed!

Molly got a haircut

Can you sense the attitude....she had to go right from obedience class to the groomers (her appointment was moved from yesterday because of the weather)

"I am not going to bother with you at all!"
"Did you hear me?  I said don't look at me!"
BTW......I did not have to leave the building......I was very good today!

I refuse to get excited!

Look what showed up today!