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At 10:00am after the kid's run the 5K was going to start,
This is "Team Nancy".  The gal on the right behind LiLi is Nancy ....Mark & Dani's neighbor & the race organizer.  
This "Team Emerel".....more on that later

Our budding photographer taking pics of Mom & Dad

This is at the 1 mile mark
Mark was about 1 minute behind Dani
The race circled around & LiLi & I could just stay in the same spot to see them going by again.
Again Mark about a minute behind
You can see Dani's time finishing,,,,she complained she was too slow!  When she crossed the finish line they announced "Danielle "Emerel" of Clifton Park"!  He then corrected himself & said "Or is it Emerelli?"  LiLi was like "Nana you need to go tell that man how to say our name"
Here comes Mark...his time was 27.33(I think)
Dani won 1st in her age group!
Way to go Mark. Dani & LiLi!  Next up a half marathon!

JDFR - Kid's Run

Mark & Dani were running in a 5K yesterday that was a fund raiser for juvenile diabetes & LiLi was going to do the one mile kid's run
Here they are registering.
Doing stretches with Mommy.

Getting ready for the start
Can you see how excited she is?
Look at the hands.....that means she is very nervous!
And we're off!

Mommy was only supposed to run a little way with her but here they are almost at the finish

Look at that ponytail swinging!

Getting her bracelet for finishing.
She was so proud of herself!

"Killer" Coleus

This has been a year for the coleus
Lots of rain early & then.....
.....lots of sun.....
......then cool nights........
........with sunny days.
I guess they like it!

The colors look like they've been painted!

This one has taken over the pot it's in......there's a poor sweet potato vine in there somewhere!


Just because.....

I'm in the middle of working a zillion days in a row.......
 ...........well maybe I exaggerate...... just feels that way!