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Molly goes to our local elementary school every Tues morning as a therapy dog for the special needs kids.  So Halloween week I dressed her in her costume & as I figured the kids absolutely loved seeing her like that!

She trotted right out to the car & also into the school like it was any other day.
I also got around to decorating the porch for halloween.

 I thought I'd better show you the finished costume for LiLi

She, of course really wears in well & gets into her role!

Hiking in Anchor Diamond Park

As you can tell by the way Popster is dressed, the weather is turning colder.  We are still getting a lot of rain so there's not a lot of color in the trees

 Lots of green moss from everything being so damp!

They added a new picnic area

 You can tell we've had a lot of rain in the stream that runs through the park

 Two happy dogs......they love going somewhere different!

Costume creating, acorns, acorns & more acorns!

As usual LiLi had her Halloween costume planned way early.  She actually bought the hat back in February when they were in Mexico.
 She did a sketch for me with specific instructions on how to make it.  I was not (as usual) able to find a pattern so went with the closest I could find & planned to "wing" it!

This is the hat where I was getting my inspiration. They say that creative people are very messy as this pic & the video will show👀

Things were not going well as I was trying to make a pattern about 6 sizes smaller!  It will happen!

In between all this I spend every other day raking acorns......I've lost track of how many times I've filled this wheelbarrow!
look at my's crazy that it's flowering so late in the season!
I had to bring it inside before the frost gets it
My friend Paul who I play golf with has a remote golf cart & I kiddingly told him he should have a ghost on it for Halloween.  The following Friday this came a…

Apple Picking

In spite of our busy schedules.....Jess started nursing school the last week in August & is still working full time at the emergency animal hospital.......we managed to find a couple hours together to go apple picking.  We just went to the small orchard around the corner.

Of course she had this crazy idea she could get the dogs to pose for a pic with an apple in their mouths

Even Luna wasn't going along with that!  The expression on Molly's face just kills me😜

Ok Molly your turn
No way is that gonna happen😝😝


September rains brings the greens of spring

This is a little of this & a little of that.  We've had so much rain this year which is continuing all thru September.  Our lawn looks like it does in the spring.  There's also no sign of fall yet as it is also warmer than normal!

Jess & I took a walk around the Stockade & down by the river just to do something different one night.

I finally made it to the quilt show that comes every other year to some new ideas.  Not that I need any as my to-do list is way too long!
This was the last day of Sept & it's still warm & everywhere is so green.  The geese are on the move though so they know something we don't!