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Spring Flowers


Baking, coloring & cards

LiLi was on school break last week so Weds Popster picked her up to spend the day with us.   I worked in the morning so the two of them took Molly to dog school & had a piano lesson.
 I barely pulled into the garage at lunch time & she was at the door "Come on Nana we have to get the store to buy the ingredients for the pie"  I grabbed a quick cup of coffee & off we went.  I just trailed behind her in the market as she walked around with her basket, shopping list in hand.  Every time she put something into it she would say "This is the brand we buy"  The child cracks me up!
 We were making Key Lime pie & she basically did it all.  Has decided she was to be a Chef.  Specifically "Chef LiLi"

 While the pie was baking it was on to coloring her fabric....this going to be sewn into a case for her iphone....we didn't get that done as it wasn't quite finished

 The pie is done & BTW it was delicious!
 Sharing pie & playing war wi…

The Easter Bunny came?

Easter sunday was absolutely gorgeous & we didn't even have our patio furniture out yet.  Spring has been so fickle this year with so many cold & windy days between the few warm....sometimes hot.... sunny days we haven't finished our spring chores.  We did a make-shift job with a folding table & chairs so we could be outside & enjoy the weather
 The easter bunny managed a visit & hid some eggs in the yard aided by an assistant.....thank you Tyler

 Looking for the last elusive egg....psst on the ladder!
 Wow they were stuffed with money!

 Hair style by LiLi

 On the inside looking out!

Obnoxious people!

To the grey haired gentleman (I use that term loosely) in the gym who insists on talking on a cell phone for at least 35mins on the days I am there. Please it's 5:00am! What phone call could possibly be that important that you have to disturb everyone around you? I can't even drown you out with my music you are so loud. Yes, when you finally ended the call this morning & nodded at me, I gave you the "look" but I'm sure it didn't register because you are totally unconscious of how obnoxious you are!
Oh & one other thing you may not know.....I don't think exercising your jawbone counts towards your cardio!

Spring may finally be here

Spring is actually showing some signs of life!  In spite of the fact we had snow on April 1st.  The sun came out & I went to work on Sunday......the course opened on Monday & then yesterday it poured all day.  April showers!

These are from a week ago so most of this snow is melted but there's still some around