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Storm Damage

These are a few pictures of what our golf course looked like this morning after last night's storm

 It was recorded a an EF2 tornado & was about the scariest storm I've ever seen.  I couldn't believe it could rain that hard & the winds were unbelievable.
After the storm passed through there was a complete rainbow.....I only have pictures on my phone.  Normally people come to our course after heavy rains as we are built on sand & it drains really well.  However today we were closed because of the extensive tree damage.  Everyone was working nonstop all day to be able to get it open for a big tournament tomorrow.

This was two Weds in a row we had bad storms & torrential rain.......let's hope next week is better!


....and more tulips

The "ice cream" tulips in their finest glory.


The Adventures of Franklin Wertle the Turtle

We discovered this turtle when we were playing golf last week.
Of course I needed to take pictures.
"Okay Mr Turtle smile & look pretty!"
"Go away lady & leave me alone"
"Damn paparazzi!"
"I'm outta here!"
"Huff can't catch me!"
"Don't you have anything better to do"
"Oh man...she's gaining on me"
"I think I can.  I think I can"
Almost an hour later we found him again almost 3 fairways away...we think he was going to visit his relatives at Kingsway.
"Oh man it's her again!"
"I'm never gonna make it to see cousins Matilda & Myrlte"


Rain drops & reflections



There were a lot of daffodil & tulips planted at the golf course this year so I was able to to get lots of pretty shots.

I love the shapes of these

These are "vanilla & strawberry ice cream"