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Life on the beach


Early morning walk on the beach

We were up early sunday morning & st out for a walk on the boardwalk.........
..........with Miss Molly strutting along happily next to us.
Then we were told that dogs were not allowed on the boardwalk.....imagine! So we moved to the beach......
........where Molly had a lot more fun!
She did lots of "yahoos" with complete abandon!

Then decided to try to bury herself.
Silly dog!


Family candids on the beach

One of Jessie's finds

 Father & daughter
 What do you suppose they are talking about?

 Brother & sister

 Brother, sister & Auntie JoAnne

 Aunt & niece


Long Island & Molly meets the ocean!

We drove to Long Island Sat as it was JoAnne's birthday & that's where she moved to at the beginning of Sept (let me tell you the trip to Boston was much easier)
New York city is a nightmare of traffic & expensive tolls!
This is the George Washington bridge.....$13.00 each we are going on the upper bridge....we did the lower bridge on the way home.

New York city skyline
I have a stupid obsession with bridges  if it's there I must go over it
This is the Whitestone bridge
Another view of the city
JoAnne & Josh live in Long Beach & are a few short blocks from the ocean.  Jessica had taken the train down the day before.
"Okay Molly this is the ocean or the pond as it's also known as"
"Let's go run in the water"
"You want me to go in there?"
"No way"

We got out the frisbee & she would go get it & then go all the way up on the beach, far away from the water!

Popster started throwing it closer & cl…