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Happy Birthday to my "baby brother"

Happy Birthday may be my "baby brother" but man you are getting old!!!!

All he had to do was ask!

I had a furniture technician come to my house to look at my couch because I didn't like the way the seat cushions looked( another whole story that we won't go into now). Anyway after a series of playing phone tag he showed up. I should have figured there was something "strange" as he sat on the floor while he was looking at it!!!!!

After a fairly lengthy discusion he eventually stood up but with his legs practically crossed & all I could think of was a little boy who needed to go pee but didn't want to take the time to do it!!!

I couldn't look him in the face or I would be laughing so hard I'd have the same problem!

I wish I could have got a video of him trying to run down my driveway with his legs crossed!

By golly she did it!!!!

She did it & I don't think anyone was more surprised than me! We got to class early today hoping she would settle in better........but of course not.........she spent the first 10 mins barking at everything & everyone! Once we got started she did much better but lost focus halfway she normally does. The instructor took each dog & had the owner go around a corner & call them. What does Miss Molly do................runs to the other dogs instead!!! Anyway she managed to do her stuff when it counted so she has her diploma.

I am going to sign her up for another class in the fall......maybe agility!

I am not illegal anymore!

True to form I let my green card expire AGAIN!!

The last time this happened I was DETAINED at Kennedy airport & thought I wasn't getting back in the country.........which was compounded by having Josh with me! He was only nine & was told to sit in the waiting area while I was being "grilled" After a while he walked right up to the counter & asked why they were being so mean to his Nana! Unfortunately they didn't find that as amusing as I did!

Anyhoo I just spent part of my morning at the USCIS building getting my fingerprints & picture taken. I had a very nice person this time & she put a temporary sticker extending my card for a year or until I get my new one.


I walked outside at 4:15 AM (I know but that's what time I get up)to get my newspaper & I felt something crawl on my foot eeeewww!! Of course I had no shoes on!!! I totally freaked out! I think it was "Trevor Toad"! I knew I should have left him in the fountain!

Happy Birthday to my SIL Carol

Happy birthday to my SIL in SC! Have a great day Carol

Creatures on Kile Drive

**UPDATE: I saw Momma Bird is a purple finch! How can such a tiny bird have 6 babies????

I walked by the fountain yesterday & discovered "Trevor Toad" swimming frantically to the side but the water was low & the sides were too steep so he couldn't make it out!

I had a paint stirrer nearby that I had been using to bury the wire for the fence so I was able to get him to safety!

He just sat there, not moving, to the point I thought I would have to do CPR! After about 4-5 mins recovery time he was on his way!

Remember this hanging basket out front?

Look who's hanging out inside it!

I think there are 6 babies - not sure what maybe a sparrow? She flies in & out so quick I have never got a good look at her!

Garden Tour

Dani, Li Li & I went on a garden tour last night that was put on by a garden club Lisa's sister belongs to. The first stop was a train garden that I had been to before & Miss Li Li was really enjoying it when a thunderstorm hit! We ended up sitting in the car thru a violent thunderstorm complete with hail!! Then the sun came back out & we went on to "Serendipity" where they had these cute alpacas.

This was a baby that was about 2 weeks old.

This little guy was about 3 weeks old!

Just one of the beautiful beds.

Miss Li Li made a new friend - Ruby Tuesday!

They also had chickens & guinea hens!

Feeding the fish at Nancy's house.

Her yard was just so beautiful with different gardens but I forgot to take any more pictures!

Miss Molly's new "DO"

I have been very busy junior golf league started the last week of June & I had 52 kids sign up gulp..........last year it was 27! Needless to say it is taking up a lot of my time but is a lot of fun. The kids are terrific & I really enjoy them!
We are in the process of installing an invisible fence for Miss Molly so right now are deciding exactly where to run it to give her room to run around. She has been pretty good about staying in the yard when we are out with her but we need to have her out by herself as well.

Miss Molly went to the groomers yesterday & is now sporting a new look - she was scalped trimmed much shorter as her coat was so "snarly"! I have brushed & combed her almost every day but couldn't get to certain spots to get the "snarls" out. She really had a tough day between the grooming & the car ride(she just collapsed on the front lawn & didn't move for 20 mins!) The car sickness hasn't im…

"Cute Molly shots"

Couple cute Molly shots - I am holding a Kong full of peanut butter so I can brush her!

She hangs out in the bathroom when I'm getting ready for work & just loves to be "blown dry"!!!



What is that stange yellow ball?

There is a strange "yellow ball" in the sky we haven't seen much of this week!! We have had clouds & horrendous storms every day since Monday. This has been the wettest grass seed is rotting in the ground as nothing ever dries out. It was the worst week at the golf course! I am so tired of "moping, pouty faces" staring over the counter at the Doppler on the computer asking how long before the rain stops! I'm sorry but did you mistake me for god?????