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The view from we are

This is not a sun room post as the weather prevented Jim from finishing today. It must be because today is an extra day for leap year but we are having snow which, according to the weatherman, will be around through tomorrow. It was so pretty hanging out in the sun room watching it.

Sun Room .....Day Twenty Two

I got to move in this afternoon but they still have more finishing to do...mostly outside, before we get our final inspection.

I took all these pics from the comfort of my new chair...which I did not take a picture of.  I was beat from cleaning all those windows!

Does anyone know a good window cleaner who works for cheap? I mean cheap, cheap!!

Yes that book does say what you think it says.....I need to plan my patio!
I think Miss Molly approves.

Happy Birthday Joshua

Happy 23rd birthday Joshie...can't say that too scares me!

In the memory dept we have photos of Catskill Game Farm.  You were 4 years old...don't you just love the hair???

You had so much fun that day & on our way back to the car you said:

"Thank you Nana & Papa for taking me  It was the bestest time I never had"

You know what?

It was the bestest I never had as well!

Sun Room.....Day Twenty One

I had this perfect picture in my head of having dinner tonight in the sun room.......this isn't exactly what I was thinking!

We would definitely have "mood" lighting!
"Where would you like to sit?  On the  fan or the vacuum?"

Road Trip

We got on the road early yesterday to go to Boston & of course Miss Molly came with us
" Oh this looks like we are going on a trip cus it certainly doesn't take this long to get to the park!"
"Wait a second I think I saw a squirrel over there!"
"Are you sure we shouldn't have turned back there?"
"Come on now....I really need to get out & stretch my legs!"
"This is very boring....are we there yet?"
We hit snow in the Berkshires!
Everything was covered in ice
That was when we stopped & Molly was having a ball in the snow!

Popster not so much!

Sun Room.....Day Twenty

This is the only pic I took today.....I was busy all day cooking & baking. We are going to Boston tomorrow for a quick overnight trip to celebrate Josh's b'day. The requirement for visiting is always bring food!!!!

Anyway the floor was grouted today....just needs another wiping off. They finished the rest of the trim which needs to be wood puttied & sanded again. Monday should be finishing up electrical & we can probably move in Tues.


There is still outside work to be finished though.

I guess I need to clean my windows!

What am I doing........

.....I am sitting in my sun room at my new table looking at DIY blog's on my laptop!

PS. Don't tell Popster!

PPS.I'll be back later with a sneak pic of the table!

Sun Room.....Day Nineteen

Not a lot to show as far as progress goes....Jim took the afternoon off.  The good news is I got my lens back yesterday so I have much better pics.  Technically I didn't get my lens back but after several phone calls they agreed to replace it!
This is taken from the dining area in the kitchen with the french doors open.

The sliding glass doors go out to a small landing & then down a couple steps to what will be a patio area....still in the planning stage.
I'm loving the way the beams & ceiling look.
This is looking back towards kitchen.
Pretend there is a real window in the middle.
Molly loves it out there & has her nose prints on all the windows!
They are "trashing" my yard!

A dose of cuteness

LiLi is off school this week so we had her for the day yesterday. She has been sick all week so we needed to find "inside" things to do!
We looked at photo albums from when she was a baby.

She "read" a leapster book to Papa while I took Miss Molly to dog school.
We cut out things with scalloped scissors, made a book, wrote words & sentences!
It was a fun day!

Sun Room.....Day Eighteen

Finishing the floor took a while today because of all the cuts that had to be made

They managed to get some of the deck done this afternoon.