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"Susie Homemaker"

When the weather starts to get cold I turned into my alter-ego Little Miss Susie Home-maker!  I pull out my big stand mixer & start baking.

I am not one to do things halfway & usually make at least 3 of everything & stockpile things in the freezer.   I see no point in making a gigantuous ( I made up that word) mess unless there something to be gained by it.  Usually Popster follows behind me cleaning up & doing dishes.  It drives him crazy as I own 3 of everything & usually will grab another measuring cup, spoon or whatever instead of washing the one I just used!

Downeast Maine Pumpkin bread
This is what I made this morning...unfortunately I had to clean up my own mess...Popster was at work!

By 8:00am I had made the pumpkin breads, a chopped salad & hardboiled eggs (my lunch for the week) & fixed a pot roast in the crock pot(Popster's dinner).  I even had all the dishes done & the kitchen cleaned!

Yesterday I made Apple Cranberry bread ....sorry no p…

Guess who was wrong again

It started snowing around 4:00pm yesterday & was still snowing pretty good at 8:30pm.  We were supposed to get between 5 & 8 inches overnight  This is what we got up to!
 Could they be any more wrong?

 You have to admit it does look pretty on the trees.
Another survivor!

"Clean up in aisle 5"

I decided to do some baking today....I really know how to destroy a kitchen in a hurry!


Jessica came over for dinner on Thurs & while she was here helped me make this cool "Rapunzel" wig for LiLi.  It is very easy just a skein of yarn, organza ribbon, silk flowers & the bows on it are meant for gift bags.

Happy Anniversary...

It is Nigel & Susan's 36th anniversary that's wonderful!

Someone is clearly confused....

She still has a smile on her face but questioning why she's outside in the snow!
 Here we have fall in my yard but winter next door!

 More fall with winter in the background.
 Miss Molly is like a little kid  racing around.....she just loves, loves snow!
"Come play with me"
Only the strong survive!

Mother nature loves to play tricks........

After rain most of the day this is what started around 4:00pm

It is now 8:00pm & it's still snowing!

Agility lessons

Dani was trying to get Bernie to weave but Molly kept getting in the way!

 Popster tried with Teddy but he wasn't too interested....he prefers to hang out on the sidelines!

Fun at Jenkins with Teddy & Bernie

Dani met us this morning so we could take all 3 dogs to Jenkins

 Are they a "motley" crew?

 This is Teddy "running"!

 As you can see Molly does not share well....she's a typical "only child"!

 Popster is trying to get Teddy to run!
 Teddy doesn't run!

Dani takes a running start toward the back of the car but she still has to lift him in!  I don't know how she does it...he's about 120 lbs!