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Father daughter projects

Mark & LiLi have been very busy the last couple weeks
 They made this bench for the front porch. LiLi helped make the whole thing from drilling the holes to sanding & staining it
 They also made this table
 The bench was not light so there will be no moving it!

 The "Motley Crew"

 Bernie adores Popster


A fashionably dressed basketball player

She dresses like this........
 ........but she plays like this

 We do try girly things like cat's cradle
 Her own version that is judging by the look on Jessie's face!

Crazy weather

We had another week of the craziest weather......about 5 inches of snow on Monday
 Cold Tues & Weds
 Thursday the temps warmed up to around 50 degs with storms around.
 A storm hit around 3:30pm with the worst winds.....scary!  It sounded like it was raining branches on our roof.  Lot of damage with trees uprooted & down on houses....right on the next street.  We lost power for several hours & are still doing clean up from the branches
 The birds were so hungry......I have been trying forever to get some shots of these little guys
 They usually grab some seed & fly away but for once they sat & posed for me
 I have had an amazing number of finches this year
 They always come in bunches & squabble over the perches

 I don't know if they're fighting or feeding each other


A little snow.....a little green

We headed to the park Sunday after the "snow storm"
 As you can see there really wasn't much on the ground
 There were green buds
 ......with a snowy background
 Strange clouds

 More trees trying to bloom

 More strange clouds

& last of all this "floppy-eared" dog doing her best imitation of a "spring fling"! Love

Spring storms

This is what we woke up to Sunday morning
 This robin is trying to find some "crumbs" I left behind after filling the feeders

 This is just a tease.....the real snow came on Monday when we had the biggest storm of the season......around 4-1/2 inches