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Bedroom Reveal

I finally finished this project yesterday. I ended up having to go back to the store for more material for the valances............luckily a year later they still had the material! Sewing on the trim was a real adventure but my new sewing machine has so many options for stitches . Problem is I haven't used it much so it's still a "learning process"!

I took one of the euro shams & covered the seat of this chair.

This montage(is that the right word?) is some things I bought in China & had never done anything with. (I need to think about how to do things................shouldn't take two years though!)

Not any better today!

Mostly Cloudy
6° F
Feels Like: -5° F
Wind: From NNW at 7mph

Happy Birthday Gary

It's Popster's baby brother's birthday today..........the BIG 50!!!

But I really, really really want to!!!!!

Right Now

8° F
Feels Like: -11° F
Wind: From NW at 19mph gusting to 28mph
Details | Webca

Try telling a dog it's too cold to walk!

Cold front blowing in

We are in the midst of an abrupt weather change with a cold front complete with snow blowing in. Tell that to this crazy dog!!

Happy Birthday Taryn

It's my niece Taryn's 8th birthday!

Weekend in review

It was a busy, busy weekend trying to get the water bed drained & moved. It took FOREVER to drain because we were trying not to "flood" our septic system. Anyway we finally were able to move it on Sunday afternoon. I finished the headboard but not without two trips to the store because my "pea-sized" brain apparently cannot count past 8!!!
It does look really nice & I will take pictures when the room is all finished............I still have to make new curtains!

Sunday morning was chilly but beautiful & we met Popster's friend Bob & his wife & their dog Duffy at Shenantaha Park & walked the bike trail. We ended up walking all the way to just past Rte 9 & back. That was quite a hike as it us almost 3 hours!!

Thse pics were taken at Jenkin's park on Friday with my new toy but are not that great as I still haven't figured out all the settings in spite of sitting here every day reading on-line tutorials!

Would you like soap soup with that?

Popster & I just ate lunch in the bathroom! Why you ask?

I decided last year I didn't like the headboard to our waterbed & went out & bought everything I needed to make a new one. Of course like most of my "big projects" it got put on the back burner because I went back to work early. I am just now getting around to do before it ends up on that back burner again.

This, as always, ends up being a bigger project than it starts, as the waterbed has to be drained in order to get the headboard off & to move it. Sounds simple right? WRONG

The last time we drained the bed in order to move it, we were draining into the bathtub & SOMEONE somehow must have tripped over the hose!!!! Of course it went undetected until I went down to the laundry room & received an unexpected shower coming out of the heat duct in the ceiling. After using a few words that I cannot type here I flew back upstairs to discover about 4 inches of water on the bathroom floor!!!


A Special day...........

Today would have been my Mother's 89th birthday........Happy Birthday Mother we miss you...........

Yes but where to?

A couple of funny things that Miss LiLi said to me Saturday.

I had done some cleaning & found a cute little pocket book that I thought she would like. I also put some beads in it from my jewelery box for her "dress-up" chest. When we walked in I told her I had a present for her & handed it over. She promptly gave it right back & said "No thank you Nana, I already have my own"!

A year ago Santa gave LiLi a siamese fighting fish which she had in a cute tank in her bathroom - which is done in a fish theme. Unbeknown to me the fish had died! Also this past Christmas one of her presents was to Build-a-bear & she had made a ballerina bear. I asked her if I could see it, so we headed upstairs to her room. On the way up we had this conversation:

LiLi:"Would you like to see fishie Nana?"


Me: (looking in the tank) "LiLi, I don't see fishie in here!"

LiLi:"Oh, he's taking a walk!"

PS If you want to se…

Snow hike in Indian Meadows

We took Molly to Indian Meadows today as it was finally above freezing,,,,,didn't really feel like it as there was no sun & it was windy.

This is one of our favorite hikes to do as it goes around the park & then into these woods & follows the Indiankill.

There used to be a bridge here to cross over the water........notice I made Popster go first!!

The hike is probably close to 3 miles but Molly had to have run at least 6-7 miles!

Man woman down..........ouch!

Popster & I met Phyllis & Gus - Miss Molly's boyfriend in the park today. Needless to say the dogs were totally bananas because they hadn't seen each other for a while. Gus managed to wipe me out & then they both jumped on top of me.

I'm not sure what hurt more my tush or my pride!

My new toy

I have a new toy to play with - problem no memory card yet, so I cannot use it! It's okay because I need lots of time reading & re-reading the manual!

A day for remembering..........

Today would have been Liza's birthday..........we miss her so much!

Things I do for my dog!

One of Molly's favorites toys outside is a has lost some air so she is able to get it in her mouth & she races around the yard with it. Well about 4-5 days ago she lost it down the hill where she cannot go because of the invisible fence ...............................

This is the "forever wild" area of our yard & the hill is much steeper than it looks! Today I climbed slid all the way down to get for her!!

Here she is being crazy with it!

It's unbelievable how much she likes the matter how cold!

Happy Birthday Deidre

Today is my DIL's birthday. Happy birthday Deidre!!!

Couldn't they make it just a "widdle bit" bigger?????

Popster bought me this i-pod for Christmas!! I had been saying I wanted a MP3 player........just something very simple to use at the gym. Of course Popster asked his very tech savvy teens on his bus & came up with the i-pod shuffle!!

It is so ridiculously small & I had all kinds of problems trying to put some tunes on it. I guess I should have downloaded "i-tunes for idiots" but it took about 2 days just to get my computer to even recognize it. It turned out I didn't have the thingamagig plugged in all the way...............that was after I kept bitching that the light was too small for me to see!!(no light if it's not plugged in). Anyway after about a week I managed to get a few songs on it & took it to the gym.

Simple right Wrong! I was just about done with my work out before I could get it turned up loud enough to hear it! I am now tech savvy enough to load all my good "work out" music & know how to "shuffle" songs when I…

Happy Birthday Adam

It's my nephew Adam's 32nd birthday!