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Hiking in the snow

We had a couple really nice weekend.  Well comparatively speaking...... when you have a long stretch of weather that doesn't get above 20 deg above freezing feels wonderful.  this day it was sunny & over 40 degs.......a heatwave!
We decided to go up to Anchor Diamond park even tho the snow was kinda hard to walk through.
Molly & Luna were so excited to be outside
Jessie wanted to give Luna a chance to run so she just let go of the leash & off she went.
She took off here into the woods with Jess in hot was no problem as the leash slows her down

That's a hunter's blind up in the tree

The woods were so pretty
Luna managed to "hog tie" Molly who got very upset.....she's such a baby!
Not even the dogs would cooperate for a photo shoot on the bridge
Watch Luna while they weren't paying attention
Yup, that's water under that snow....good thing she doesn't weigh much!

Guess who took the camera!

Snow, snow & snow

It was snowing when we got up yesterday morning & still snowing this morning.  It's a good thing it wasn't a heavy snow so we only ended up with about 8 inches.  It was just a nuisance having to keep shoveling.
I don't seem to be able to keep the bird feeders filled as they are so hungry this winter
My red bellied woodpecker still comes to visit a few times every day
The suet gets so frozen in this cold weather he really has to work to get anything

Molly just loves this weather

Love Val💖

Molly's Birthday

I just realized that I didn't post Molly's birthday pictures.  They were on my phone so I totally forgot.  She is 9 years old.....I know an old lady!
 All Luna could think was that's cake right there! "Yum I luv carrot cake!"

 Keep your eye on her
 She inhaled it & the look on Molly's face was so funny!  "What just happened!  Isn't it my birthday?"
She daintily waited for Jess to feed it to her.

Love Val💖