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Finally....some pretty!

We are in middle of a deluge of rain so these were out of my upstairs window
 The magnolias  are finally in bloom

 I played with a couple them in photo shop

 This is my fav!

Signs of Spring

I went in search of some signs of spring
I found these on my memory card that I had forgotten about
He was scavenging leftovers from the bird feeder

Yes the forsythia is starting to bloom
Considering it is May 1st this week it's about time!


Walking in Shenantaha

We took Molly to the Shenantaha bike path yesterday. It poured last night so we have to stick to the paved trails for now.  It was cloudy, windy & not very warm,  There is nothing really pretty to take picture of.
There is very little green to be seen

Spring is very late this year & we can't wait!

Finally finished

I realized this morning that I never posted the pics of my finished window treatment in the living room
 Of course now I'm back to work it took a while to finish them....they are lined & I kept sewing the wrong pieces together!  Duh!  In my defense I was constantly stopping & starting so could never remember what I was doing.

 I bought this material years ago because it matched the wallpaper & of course I loved it.  I actually bought the whole bolt of it so I still have more to play with.
 So basically they were free except I'm not telling anyone how much I spent on the trim or how many hours & web sites searching for it!

Some of my "peeps"

Check out the butterfly earrings from the easter bunny
Jessie & Tyler

& one with Meghan


Easter & the crazy "Easter Bunny"!

The crazy easter bunny, while supposedly getting ready for dinner, had this idea just pop into her head about hiding LiLi's easter basket!
 She decided ti would be kinda fun  hide it in a tree.  Not just in a tree but, high up in a tree.
 She enlisted the help of her "very skeptical & unwilling partner"!  It took no less than 150 throws to get the rope over the tree branch which included some very close calls of being hit the head with the wrench which the weapon of choice tied to the end of it.
 The easter bunny also left a note with clues as to where it was hidden along with a dozen or eggs.
 LiLi asked Uncle Scott for help with the clues & finally spotted it!