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Little Miss "Betty Crocker"

LiLi was here again yesterday & after spending some time writing thank you notes we got on skype & talked to my brother.  At this point she turned extremely shy...go figure....& mostly sat on my lap & colored all the papers on my desk.  She could have kept going for at least two more days cus my desk is so sloppy....hopefully she didn't color anything important!

Then she wanted to cook.  This is so funny that with all the aprons she got for christmas she has a tea towel pinned on her....... she is "reading" the instructions!

All good cooks have to taste their work!
Of course I "made" her clean up! She's being very "paaarticulaaar"!

I made it by the skin of my teeth!

Yesterday morning when I got up it was 40 deg but there was a cold front blowing in later & it was supposed to be extremely windy for two days & much, much colder.  I went to the gym early came home & took Molly for a walk & without taking off my coat went right back out to take in the christmas decorations.  It wasn't much fun as everything was soaking wet from the rain we had all night but I got it all inside the garage before the wind really started blowing.  It was dry out for a couple days & then I'll get it packed away.

Later on I sat down to find Popster a new trip to Florida.  His friend Michael was going again in Jan  & I found a flight leaving on Jan 16th & coming back on the 21st so I booked that for him.  It was way cheaper so he'll have some credit left over for next year's trip.  He's feeling much better by the way, but there was no way he could have played golf so it's good he didn't go.

Except by not going he spoil…

So what did you do all day?

LiLi has no school this week so she is alternating days with me & her other grandmother.    She swept up the cookies crumbs from having a snack.
 This is her "creative" way of tying her scarf....I'm not sure I can you how she did it!
 It took at least 10 minutes to get her gloves on....per hand!
 We made chopped salad!

Seriously she does not require any fact she entertains us.  She played with her leapster, colored, wrote notes, played school all the time chattering away about real school.

The good, the bad & the ugly!

Jessie & Meghan came over Mon morning & JoAnn took them out for breakfast at the diner while I cleaned up some of the mess.
After they left JoAnn & I went grocery shopping....for her & Josh.....we're doomed to eat leftovers for the rest of the week!  They left to go back to Boston around 4:00pm & I got on the computer to cancel Popster's flight.  He had decided by then that there was no way he would be getting on a plane by Weds to go play golf for 4 days.  He is feeling a lot better but not that good.  Hopefully we can re-book it for the middle of Jan or maybe the Feb break!

The rest of Christmas

We went to dinner at Scott's house late in the afternoon where LiLi got to open more presents
 The theme of christmas for her this year was cooking & she ended up with another apron!

 She is making Uncle Scott guess what her gift is
 She want to use her oven mitt & serve dinner

We didn't stay there very long as Popster was still having a lot of trouble with his's not looking good for Florida!!!

Christmas morning

I am trying to catch up with christmas  pics etc. but am having some problems....the camera lens I use the most has something wrong with it so my pics are not that great.  I was hoping it would work through the holiday until I can either get it fixed or replace it.  I discovered this morning my main computer has a virus so I had to edit the pics on my laptop which doesn't have a good program for that.  Anyway I have a few pictures of christmas morning & will do the rest tomorrow.

 She likes to shake her presents first!

 & also shake herself!

 This princess tent from Josh was a big hit!
Mommy & Bernie had to go in with her.

Oh my...what a day!

I spent most of the day in the kitchen while Popster had several chores to get done.  I had my usual "OMG moment" when I realized I was missing some key ingredients from one of things I was making so I sent him to the store.  It only took 3 phone calls while he was there to get the 3 things on his list & he arrived home.  He "crawled" in the door groaning about his back & immediately went to lie down in the living room to stretch out his back.  Great except he couldn't get up!  I couldn't help him as he screamed in pain if I tried to lift him up!  It probably took about an hour to get him up & in a chair & between ice & pain pills he is feeling better.

 Only problem he has od'ed on oxycodon so is now in never-never land.

I do hope they keep him for the night!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve

I am so unorganized this year & am trying to finish up my gifts....the apron for LiLi & do my baking!  
Yikes it's christmas eve & I need to get going! 

 I love to keep up the tradition of mince pies .........
 ....but why....... I destroy my kitchen........
.......whenever I bake?

Merry Christmas

From our house to yours Merry Christmas

How to.........

make your school bus driver happy, happy happy?
A plate of home made choc chip cookies & a Dunkin Donuts gift card!