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The bridge back

Continuing with more views of the river which is so low this year

 Now the runners were gone we decided to go back on the sidewalk.

 The village is celebrating it's 200th anniversary so there were lots of tug boats & entertainment

 By now the sky was gorgeous
 All was quiet in the back seat on the way home!

Peebles Island

We had a trip planned to go to Peebles that we had to put off a week not realizing that the next Sunday Popster had a golf tournament.  It was a beautiful day so Jess, Tyler & I went anyway.  Mistake # 2 came when we got into the village of Waterford we noticed they were holding a 5K race. We drove down the street towards the bridge & parking area & found it was closed for the race.  We found a parking spot on the street & walked down.  Mistake # 3.....the race was just starting & they were running across the bridge & around part of the island
 Mistake # 4 we decided to walk across the road part of the bridge to stay out of their way
 That was a great idea until we got to the part that was a steel grid that the dogs couldn't walk on....h*ll we could hardly walk on it!  Jess said "no biggie I'll just carry Molly"....all 55lbs of her!  Crazy girl!!

 It was a perfect day for pics as the sky kept changing
 See the big fat fish?

 Our customary p…

Dog pack on Round Lake bike path

The weekend Jess was babysitting Scully we met Mark & Dani at Round Lake bike path

 These pics just crack me up.  He took Molly's spot at the window & she just looked at me like "Are you going to let this happen????"

 Then Luna wanted part of the action
 This was my view....I'm always dragging behind cus I have my camera in hand

 Love this road.......
 ......& it's name.
 Everyone sharing the same bowl of water when we got back to the cars

Down by the river

This was a couple weeks back on one of those perfect blue sky days

 The river takes on a different look when it reflects the sky
 Kind of a strange place for a nest

 We haven't seen signs of gypsy moths for a few years....this hot summer brought them back

 My little shed is totally overgrown