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I "heart" faces

That was then......

...this this is now!  What a difference a week makes.....yesterday was sunny but so windy & everyone was bundled up!
 Part of the photo challenge this month is to crop in the camera.
 Even though I haven't had a chance to submit anything I am trying it anyway

"Garbage Picking Scumbag"

Yup.....that's me!

At least that's what Popster called me tonight!

What did I do to deserve it.

 On our way out tonight I made him stop on the street where I proceeded to jump out of the car grab something from someone's pile of "junk" & put it in the back seat before jumping back in the front!

What was it you ask?

The problem with Popster is he has no "vision"

Wait til you see this brimming over with flowers in my garden!

You'll be asking where I found it!

Give & Take

Mother Nature gives & then she takes away!  After having that beautiful weather in March we are now having "march-like" weather in April.  It has been extremely windy for what seems like forever but yesterday was brutal.  The temperature hovered just above 40 deg. but the wind made it seem like 24deg! I was supposed to play golf last night....first night of our Fri league. It took me 10 mins to put my clubs & shoes in the trunk of my car as it kept slamming shut. Same thing at the course I was trying to hold the trunk up & drag my stuff out. Walked up to the club house to find out they had cancelled!!!
I haven't been taking any pics lately so I fooled around this morning with my new lens & Molly.  Can you tell by the expression on her face she wasn't a willing participant??
She wanted her breakfast & the treats I was bribing her with weren't cutting it!

Random shots

Bleeding heart is one of my favorite flowers to phototgraph

From dance to soccer

Today was the first day of soccer for Miss LiLi......she has dance at 9:00 & now soccer at 10:30.  Mark sent me a text "field #14 - orange shirts.
There were 16 fields but no numbers....thank you for was bright enough for me to find!   My lord it's unreal how many 5/6 year old live in CP!

These were all taken during practice

Then they divided up the kids & they played a "game"....using that term very loosely!

This is her "mean scary" look!

She ran & ran & ran but unfortunately her team did not score one goal!