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Can you do this?

I have been promising LiLi I would go to her gymnastics class & finally made it this week.
She has moved up two levels & is with girls much older than her
She has to catch up to some of the things they are doing but she has that determination to succeed no matter what!
She does everything with that big smile....always so happy.

Even here as she's saying "I can't do this" she still smiles

This shows how small she is compared to most of the girls

What am I sewing?

I have been sewing two different baby quilts & was down to the finishing of each one which is hand sewing the binding.  I decided I needed to do something that takes less than 33 hundred hours to complete.  I got this pattern from my friend & co-conspirator.
It never fails to amaze me that you sew something inside out & by leaving a little hole in the lining...... .....this happens
It reminds me of a chicken hatching from an egg!

The pattern for this bag is Riviera & the fabric is Riley Blake "Apple of my Eye"
I had so much fun making it I decided to do it again....this time from some fabric I had bought a while ago so I don't know the name of it.  This time I had to tax my brain as it was fat quarters with no two fabrics alike so I had to figure out how to cut it out & keep the look uniform.
It worked & I love the way it turned out....of course it helps that I just love anything blue!

Ok , we give, enough is enough!

When I got up this morning it was 12 is March 23rd.....supposed to be spring?????
Right now at 3:00 pm it is 23 degs but feels like 9 degs...WT?
I either took these yesterday or last weekend....I don't know all looks the same!
Nothing changes as it's never warm enough to melt much of the snow!
Grey, cloudy skies....blah looking landscape!
I got a little creative with the editing just to change something!

 I'm going back to my room.

Just a happy little girl!


Happy Gotcha Day

It has been 7 years since we were here
.....waiting to see this face

All cleaned up a a little happier!

Now the happiest girl!

Happy Gotcha Day to Mark Dani & LiLi