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Apple picking

Name_______, MI______,Last Name_______......What do you mean mo middle initial???

I had to return something to Staples today & didn't have my receipt.  The nerd, snot-nosed teenager(it was Sat night) clerk asked for my driver's license.  Next minute he says

"You don't have a middle initial????"  in a tone that said "You don't have any clothes on!"

"That would be correct"

"I don't think this will work without a middle initial"

"I have managed to live my whole life without a middle initial....somehow I think it will"

PS: One day I will do a whole post on why I don't have a middle initial!

Haunted house??

We met Bob & Noreen in Round Lake to walk on the bike path.  Wouldn't this make the perfect house to decorate for Halloween?
 Molly has spotted her friend Duffy
"Let me at him!"
Now I have to look up the "woolly bear" stripe again! 

Ballerinas & Pumpkins

Mark & LiLi came over today right from dance class.
 While he was fixing my computer LiLi & I painted a pumpkin.
 She is explaining how she did a "face painting" on the pumpkin's face
Here she is showing why it is a girl pumpkin!  In case you are wondering it is the eyelashes that give it away!!

"Well excuse me!!"

I had an appointment to get my hair done this morning & the place I go to is on the main street in the next town.  There is a community parking lot just up from the shop.  When I was done & went back to my car I was blocked by a Mercedes SUR that looked like someone just drove in & jumped out.  I stood there for a few minutes thinking they would be right back.  Needless to say I was getting a little very annoyed as I was going to be late for work.  Finally I walked into the dealership next to the lot & asked if they knew who owned the vehicle & they said they would find him.  I go back to the lot & along comes Mr "Pompous A---hole"!

Me: (very politely)  "Does this vehicle belong to you?"

Mr PA:  "Yeah.  Is that your red car?"

Me: (still politely)  "Well you are blocking me in"

Mr PA:  "That's how I try to meet people."

Me:  "Is that right"

Mr PA:   "Yes.....especially those who park in my spot!"…

Shenantaha walk

We took a walk Sunday afternoon to the other end of the Shenantaha bike's not paved yet so it's a little less populated.

 I guess this is a sign fall is on the way.
 See the ant on this flower?
Someone carved this indian face in a dead tree.

What not do do on Sunday morning!!!

I bought this ceiling fan about 3 weeks ago to replace the one in the living room that was making weird know the ones that Popster couldn't hear but I could! We decided to tackle this morning.  
The directions said it would take approx 45 mins for installation.
It took us 2 hours & 45 mins!!!
And to top it off I turned the fan on while Popster had his head between the blades!!!!
Major WHOOPS!!
We will not be working together again for a few weeks!
In fact I was told I must hire someone to install any other fans I have a mind to buy!!!
PS.  Do you think the fact that I split a gut laughing had anything to do with that?

Little "Miss Caesar"

My neighbor Ellen was going out for the day so we usually check on Katie & take her for a walk.  LiLi decided she would walk her.

 She is telling Katie to sit.......
 I think Katie is "laughing" at her!

She wanted to get my mail but couldn't quite reach!

Me too!

Molly wanted to be in "camo" as well

Fungi on steroids!

This was about the size of a walnut last week!
Now look at it! I think it's something to do with Irene, Lee & Katia having an effect on our area.  We also have mosquitoes on steroids that are attacking everyone! 

Inspiration or camouflage

Any good designer or home decorator will tell you to start with an inspiration piece......... The top I am wearing today was my inspiration piece for the colors I chose for the bathroom!

Peeble's Island after the floods

We were going to meet Bob & Noreen & go to Peebles for our walk.  Molly refuses to get out of the car if she goes somewhere early Sun morning...I think she's afraid she'll miss out on the next trip!  This is where we found her when we went out to the car!
 This is where she rides now!
 Look at the mud & debris...this is where the farmer's market usually is on Sundays

 You can see how far the water came up by the mud in the parking lot.
 This yard was so pretty with a gazebo & beautiful flowers!

 Usually there isn't any water...just a trickle over this part....see how muddy the water is!

 I usually get great pictures in this section

This is what it looks like normally this time of the year.  This is the Cohoes falls........look at the color of the water.