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Christmas etc.

We went to Mark & Dani's on Christmas morning & the "hit" of the day was Elmo - not for Li Li - she only liked the ones in the store that just blew her kisses! No it was the grownups who were all mesmerized by Elmo's stories. He is just too funny!

Liza opened her presents when we got back home. Then after taking a walk & fixing the veggie dish for dinner we left for Scott's house. It was a quieter Christmas than usual there but lots of fun. Everyone was very entertained by watching Li Li eat her dinner as she was really into the carrots & would work very hard at just getting them on her spoon & then did a "yum yum" after eating them!

The girls & Popster entertained us after dinner on the piano - Jessi & Meghan are so good now & Mr Martin would be proud of them.

Friday - We spent the day shopping for a tv for the family room thinking it would be a simple trip as we had done some research & knew what we wanted. Of co…

Is this pathetic or what?

Okay there it is - my only christmas decoration!
The only reason it's there is because one of Popster kid's tied it to his package.
But in case anyone cares to know we got the family room back together today......almost - I didn't do the window treatments. You can actually walk through the living room without needing a hardhat!
Most of the presents are wrapped!With that I wish everyone a very, very
Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Popster

Happy birthday to Popster - he got to celebrate a day early this year!

Deidre made the cake & Meghan "spelled" the message with mini kisses which LiLi "stole" from everyone's piece with her cute head on one side saying "pret pease"!

More ice-storm pics

I thought these pictures were so pretty because of the sky - I took them the day after the ice storm

This is my herb garden - I don't think I'm getting any more parsley this year!

I haven't taken any pics of yesterday & today's snow as I was painting all day - Popster did all the snow by himself. We probably had about 7 inches by this morning but then it snowed until around 2:00 pm so that was a couple more. We have another storm starting tomorrow early before dawn & it is supposed to snow until late tomorrow with amounts of up to an inch per hour-yikes!!
Me no like!

"Oh the weather outside is frightful........"

There was a winter storm warning for today starting at 9:00 am so why did I decide at 11:00 am to go to HD & buy paint????? I wasn't planning on painting today but made up my mind I now have to paint the family room a different color! Not like I didn't have enough to do between cleaning up the grout lines & getting all the "haze" off the floor! But no - I decide to go out as it hadn't started to snow & I figured those weather men are always exaggerating or whatever. Of course once I'm in a store like HD I lose all track of time. While I was checking out the cashier said to be careful driving & I was like why?? I couldn't even find my car in the BLIZZARD & it is bright red. Did I have a snow brush in my car? NO! It is normally a 20 min ride home & it took me all of that just to get out of the shopping center! I tried several ways to get home & had to stop to "brush" the snow off - with my bare hands & pul…

"My BFF the Swiffer"

I think I need to find these in a super size box! My house is absolutely gross as they have been cutting tile in my garage for the last 3 days. Also I have been totally upside down since the middle of last week so I haven't been able to clean anything. I'm not even sure where the vacuum is & I have two of them!

I just keep telling myself it will be worth it..............but why did I let them start this project before the holidays. I have to be totally insane, whackonuts or maybe I just don't care!
I have been looking for some postives - like the day after New Years I can be sitting & relaxing while the rest of you people will putting your christmas decorations away! Oops don't tell Dani I haven't done any decorating.

Okay that's enough I have to go to work - grouting again!

"Fun day"

This was how I spent a good part of my day! fun, fun, fun

"Winter Wonderland" or "Nightmare on Kile Drive"

We woke up Fri morning to a freezing cold , dark house & quickly realized there was a power outage. They had been giving out warnings but we thought being a little further north we would end up with more snow than ice - wrong! I was like - no problem .....we have a gas stove so I made some instant coffee & believe it or not the newspaper showed up. It wasn't that cold so we just bundled up & read the paper by flashlight. As it got light out this is what we could see out of the upstairs windows!

Popster was getting restless & wanted to go out to ride around which I thought was insane but off he went anyway to find real coffee. he ended up driving all the way to Scotia before he found a Stewarts open & every place was a mess with trees & power lines down. At this point we weren't that worried as it wasn't too, too cold & we have a gas insert in our fireplace in the family room...............of course that's the room with NO furniture as i…

Today's "adventure" - updated

Update: Matthew(the boy I sat next to on the bus) told Popster that he thought I was "rather pretty"! Very funny remark coming from a kindergartner!!!!

Today I got up early again & did I get to do my cards - no - instead I was picked up at the end of my driveway by the "big yellow school bus" in the above picture & got to ride to school with all the elementary schools kids - (also see above picture)! I was commissioned to take the photo for Popster's christmas card. It really was kinda cute as all the kids called me "Mrs Dennis"(Popster is Mr Dennis) & sang christmas carols to me all the way to school!
Then I hitched a ride back home & photo-edited the picture & ordered his christmas cards.
Did I finish or even start my cards? NO!
Scott showed up & we went to pick up mortar & tile grout for my new floor & I helped him lay out the tile until around 2:30pm. No I did not start my cards & my house is wrecked even wors…

What do I do all day...........?????

"What do you do in the winter when you are not working?"

I have been asked this question more times than I can count.............& no one believes I can stay busy & not get bored!!

I will attempt to explain why. Popster decided he wanted to buy a big screen tv but in order to get his way I needed to get a couple of things done in the family room ..... yes I know typical girl power bribery!! One thing led to another & before you know it we are ripping the whole room apart.
Today when I got up I intended to get my christmas cards written & mailed & before I knew it I was downstairs with Scott & Popster ripping up the carpeting & scraping glue off the floor!
Did I get any cards done - NO!!
Is my house totally wrecked - YES!

More Christmas tree pictures

I just had to share these pics of LiLi decorating the tree!

Language barrier

We had errands to do today & I needed to get some things so I could finish wrapping presents that I was shipping to my family in England. I needed Kraft brown paper............simple WRONG!!!!

First of all there is no one over the age of 18 working in any store on Sunday! First store I went into I couldn't find it & after asking the teeny bopper led me to the aisle with paper towels! Back to the car.

Next store - couldn't find it nor the help! Back to the car.

Next store - couldn't find it so asked teenager w/earphone attached, who looked at me like I had two heads!!! He asked me to repeat what I said so he could ask someone on his "magic" earphone! I repeated in my best "american" accent "Kraft brown wrapping paper - it comes on a roll" He speaks into earphone "Do we have Croid paper rolls?"

All I could think of was "you say tomayto. I say tomahto"!!!!

I repeated "KRAFT like the cheese" dude! He mumb…

Why can't men see........????????

Conversation in my house early this morning

Popster while peering into refrigerator: " Don't we have any butter?"

Me: "Yes it's in there"

Poster: " I don't see it!"

I get up, knowing that as soon as I was within six feet of the refrigerator I would spot the butter: "Here it is"

Poster: "You moved it didn't you?"

Now I realize I am unemployed in the winter(I guess I cannot consider keeping up in the "bloggy world" full time employment!) so would you think I would spend my time moving things around in the refrigerator!!

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree.........

We went out today to cut down christmas trees.......only problem it was sooooooo cold!! I was carrying LiLI & if I asked if she was having fun her head would bob up & down & she would say yeah!! She liked every tree - big or small! One thing it being cold - we picked out trees & were back to the cars in record time!

Happy Birthday Evie

1st B'day

2nd B'day

It is my niece Evie's 3rd birthday..........Happy birthday sweetheart........wish I could be there to give you hugs & kisses!!