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Baby it's cold outside...Part 2

It finally stopped snowing but then the wind started blowing!
Can you tell by Freda's hat that we had a "little" snow?

My "knight-in-shining-armor"(Popster's new carhardt jacket)
Molly had to supervise!
The birds were all starved!

Baby it's cold outside!!

Budding Photographer

One of LiLi's christmas present was a camera.....not a toy.....a real camera!
She is thrilled with it & takes all kinds of pics Here she spent about 20 mins takings pictures of the ornaments from the bowl on the table
Then she took pictures of the birds

Molly & LK

JoAnne has a cat named LK....stands for Little Kitty because she named her other cat Big Kitty.....strange but true.  He travels with her wherever. Here he is on Christmas eve looking a little perturbed!  Molly wants him to come put & play!
 PS.  Why am I blogging when I should be at a party?

Because it's freakin snowing again & driving is a little treacherous!

Popster called & "complained" because it was 85 degs & a little humid!

I won't tell you what I said!

Walking in a winter wonderland

The streets around are still pretty messy so yesterday afternoon I decided to take Molly over to the park
I happened to get there the same time as Popster's friends from the bus garage.
She was snow shoeing so it was easier for her
Molly & I just "slogged" through the snow

It was just so pretty in the woods

See how crazy Molly is.....she rolls around until she's one big snow dog!


I got up in the middle of the night so I could go to the gym before driving Popster the airport. He is going to Florida for a few days to play golf.
It's me & Molly & the plans are....
Take Molly for a walk
Sit & sew for hours
Take Molly for a walk
Do my on-line photography class & play with my camera

Take Molly for a walk

Sit & knit

Go figure!

We woke up on Christmas morning to a coating of snow....just enough to make it pretty
This morning, however, we have a big storm heading up the coast
This was at 7:00am... not much yet.....
.....however Popster headed out a few minutes ago to start clearing the driveway.......
......we just got our snow blower tuned up for the the tune of almost 200 big ones....... won't start!  Thank goodness for neighbors...........
......cus Molly wasn't gonna help!

Christmas day in pics