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A walk in the woods

I'm not even sure when these were taken but no leaves underfoot means a few weeks back
We went up to Arrowhead park as they have done a lot of improvements to the trails
The boy scouts built a couple new bridges
The rock walls on this trail are home for so many creatures Luna went absolutely crazy.....she is a typical terrier & will chase anything with four legs
Molly hurt her leg jumping over one of the creek beds so Jessie tried to carry her.....that did not last long & we managed to coax her into walking back.  The dog is such a baby😏

Love Val

Life when you are "dog people"

Since Jessie moved in at 5:00pm most evenings you can find us at the dog park.  That is the time when all the "regulars" go.  You don't remember most human's names but you always know the dogs😝😝😝
 This puppy was a little intimidated by all the dogs.....
......... but she found a protector!

 This is Jessie doing what she loves best!
 Spartan loves her
 Luna is one of the smaller dogs there but she rules!
 Always in the middle of the pack
 This is what they do when they see a new dog coming

Love Val

Chickens, dogs & stick bugs

The day after the wedding we went over to Scott & Deidre's before Josh & Carol had to head back to the city
 He has the footings all marked out for the house.  Update: Since then the footings have been poured, the basement & garage floors are done & they start framing this week

They are trying to teach the chickens to go to bed but they weren't getting it!
One of them escaped & Scott told Carol to just pick it up.  In her cute accent she said "Oh no! In the city I no see chickens!  I no touch the chickens!" He managed to convince her they wouldn't bite.

Obsessive dogs waiting for someone to throw the ball

Wedding Decor

It was the perfect day for an outdoor reception

The decor was done by Jeff's girlfriend Emma & she did an amazing job
She must have spent weeks on pinterest!

Bug spray & blankets

Dancing shoes.....there wasn't anything she didn't think of

I love how she did the walls with lights & sheer curtains

Love Val

More wedding pics

Popster is explaining the rules of corn hole

The "Corn Hole Queen"
She was Jeff's partner & they took on all challengers

Notice the apple cider donuts......Meghan's choice!

Love Val