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A November walk

I'm not even sure when these were taken
 Let's just say sometime this past month
 Must have been a little chilly judging from the way we're dressed
 I kept saying I could hear a train coming & they all looked at me liked I had two heads!
 Well nahnahnanahna!  That looks like a train to me!
 Yikes that's close!
 What seemed like hundreds of oil tanks
 This chicken lives at the end of the trail
 Okay Molly.......I'll catch up again


A little of this, a little of that

The ending of fall is here.  The beautiful orange-yellow of the late maples & beeches

 Moody sky

 I cannot keep the bird feeders full.  These little guys can empty this one in 2 days!

Back to the park

We went back to the new park with Jessica & Luna
 Only Jess can spot things we don't notice
 There was a vine hanging from one of the trees
 She decided to be "Tarzan" & Molly wanted to join in the fun!

 I decided we needed an impromptu photo shoot...only the dogs cooperated!
 Then no one did
 Finally got a nice shot but had to edit out the lady & dog that photo bombed this one!

Unfortunately we won't be hiking in the wood for a while until it gets really cold......too many ticks this year

Anchor Diamond Park

The day after we had snow we decided to go check out the new hiking trails just a couple miles up the road from us
 It's 278 acres that was donated to the town & will eventually have miles of trails open
 There are only two trails open but all the dotted lines are the proposed one they are working on

 There is a stream that we crossed a couple times

 Big beautiful old trees
 This is the remains of a mansion that burned back in the 1930's.....they will be doing an archeological dig sometime in the future

 Molly was leading the way but kept waiting impatiently when we were too slow for her!

 This is an old fireplace

 Beautiful hike & we can't wait until all the trails are open.