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Are we going to Kinns Road?

This was Luna's first trip to Kinns road dog park
 Molly got the window seat on the way there

 Big goofball!

 Jessie let Luna off leash to see how she would be & she stayed with Molly most of the time.  They were flying around so crazy I didn't get many shots that were in focus

 This is after they had totally exhausted themselves

 Luna also likes the window seat!


Sunset on the river


Cornhole & cake

These were taken on Mark's birthday
 He had been busy making a cornhole set & couldn't wait to try it out
 As is typical for our family there were the usual arguments over the rules until someone finally "googled" them & then things settled down.
 They also moved the game to the lawn which made it easier
 Check out LiLi's style
 Dani cooked dinner

 This is becoming a ritual that Popster & LiLi have an impromptu jam session
 After dinner we had a water show

 Then came the cake

 That expression just kills me!
 Mark got homemade sauce
 The best wrapped presents from LiLi

More Indiankill

After leaving the waterfall the trail follows the water for a while

It gets a little rocky going at this point

I love this's so peaceful
..........................a little overgrown at times
Now you have to climb all the way back to the top
Can you see way down to the bottom......that's where we came from
The trail is pretty even for a while & then back down
Finally to the bridge & then back up to the entrance

We found this little guy on the way up
This hike is quite a workout as it has so many elevation changes but it's well worth it!