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Til death do us part

My driver's license needed to be renewed so it was part of my "to do list" last week. I decided to check the box to become an organ of those things I've been meaning to do. I got a letter in the mail that said to visit their website if I wanted to be more specific about what I wanted to donate. I downloaded the form & sat down with my coffee & had the following conversation with Popster

Me:"Okay, which box should I be checking here?  Do I want to donate everything?"

Popster: "What do you mean?"

Me:"Well if I check everything they take your tissues & skin as well as your organs"  You would get my body back in order to have a funeral"

Popster: "You would look pretty gross without your skin wouldn't you?"


Popster:"Could I  get your boobs?"


The "real" meaning of relaxing!

Molly loves to sleep next to the couch so she can "lean" her legs against it but this position is the funniest ever!

 Our girl knows how to "chill"!

Molly without the "yahoos"!

Sunday afternoon we tool Molly "back to the scene of the crime" as Popster put it. About twice a month the Stockade Agility Club, which is where the CPE event was held, has "run-throughs".  You pay a$5.00 fee to be able to use their equipment to run your dog on a course similar to them being at a trial.
Popster has been working very hard with Molly both at class & at home & he wanted to see if she could do it there without being a "clown"!
The first time through he did on leash to to give her a feel for the course

Then they did it off-leash.  By the way it it a much harder course that what she had in the trial.  Here she is "rocking" those weave poles!

Yeah Molly!  It was very successful  & we will take her back again in a few weeks to try again.

Sunday morning walk

We met Mark & Bernie at the Vischer's Ferry preserve that follows the river & the old canal.
We disturbed a flock of canadian geese

Molly found a baby snapping turtle along the way

She was quite "intrigued" by it.
This is the part that follows the old canal path.

Lots of wild flowers

The Frog Prince?

When is doing laundry fun????

When it's being done by a 5 year old!

Just stuff we did yesterday

We walked around the yard
Checked out the gazing ball
Helped Popster open the presents he got from his kids
Demonstrated our "batting stance"
Played sofball
We had to put Molly in the car....she kept "stealing" the ball!

Watered the flowers
Played bubbles....I think Molly tried to eat one!

Played scrabble
This is her "victory" dance

Last day of of School

Look what one excited little girl got to do today!

It was the last day of school & because we have an"in" with the driver he made a special trip by the house.

She got to ride around the cul de sac