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Molly & her frisbee

We took a ride one night over to Jenkins.....
 ......just as the sun was going down
 Jenkins means frisbee time to Molly

 I love the way her ears flop around when she's running

 Then Popster decided to get cute & throw it right at me
 Whoops!  Did I fall down?
No.  I'm still here!  Oh no!  He did it again!
 I can track the frisbee but where's the dog!
 She always insists on carrying back to the car, but always puts it down when we're not looking, so one of us has to go back to pick it up!


That's a lot of years!

I have 3 brothers, one older & two younger than me.  Today my youngest brother & his wife celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary!

Between the four of us we have been married for a combined total of 176 years!

My Mother was always so proud of the fact she had four children that got married & stay married!  She must be watching down on us with a big smile.

 I think this sums it up perfectly!



Man & his dog

Love these shots.....cannot decide which is my fav?

Beautiful day for a walk

These pics are from a beautiful late afternoon walk
 This reminds me of home & appropriately the name of the road is English Road!
 Love it in a sepia tone.

 The sky was amazing that day & made for a great backdrop


Signs of change


Pumpkins, corn stalks & flagstone?

This is a two-fer!
 We finally made a stop at the farm up the road to get some things for fall decor.
 We were on our way back from the dog park so Molly had to share the back seat.
 She is so stoic....just sits there trying to acts so nonchalant!

This was in the farmer's yard.....that's where I was born(& I don't mean in the boat!)  Now for part two.....when they dug up our yard for the money pit last year they did a terrible job of putting back the flagstone path.  It has been bugging me ever since but we couldn't find anyone to redo it.
 Well fast forward to last month when I found someone who plays golf that does this kind of work as a side job.  Look at how much better it looks.  They even cut the pieces so they fit better plus found some new ones that blend in.  They also dug a trench & put in some drainage pipe by the shed so hopefully that will stop the flood we get when the snow melts.
 Look at the big gaps in it!
 This looks so much better.
They ev…