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Molly's new game

Popster & Molly have a new game.....he alternates throwing a tennis ball & her basketball on the garage roof.  It's uncanny how well she can time it coming down & never fails to catch it....I, on the other hand, couldn't time it well enough to get the actual catch!

She even tries to catch the basketball....silly dog!

Miss Molly meets "No Feet"

We were sitting out the front yard this afternoon when Popster decided to go get a drink.  Whoops!  He almost stepped on No Feet who was taking his afternoon "slither"!

 As he crossed the driveway Molly discovered him......she just followed along at a safe distance!

Miss LiLi

New sandals

She is chewing gum!

A snake named "No Feet"

This guy lives in my yard...I managed to coax him out for a photo shoot!!!

I love Spring!


Popster & I have been fighting, arguing, having a discussion about a couple trees in the back yard since last year.  He feels they overhang the house too much & thinks they are going to fall on it during a storm.  My thinking is they have been like that for the 17 years we have lived here leave them alone!!!

These are the two in question.  I finally said okay have someone come in & look at them but added the following condition
No heavy equipment is allowed any place in the yardNot one part of my perennial can be disturbed ( the trees are growing in it) 
I figured there would be no way he would find someone who would agree to that & give him a reasonable quote


Two years ago........

today we found this scruffy looking creature in the animal shelter! Who knew she would become such a lovable, funny entertaining member of our family!

Weekend in the garden

After spending Friday catching up from working 12 days straight, as well as grocery shopping I managed to fit in a side trip to the nursery.  I bought 7 flats of inpatients as well as 14 new guinea inpatients, coleus, sweet potato vines, spikes & vinca vines.   Yesterday & today I spent in the yard mowing, trimming & was very cloudy all day but perfect for doing yard work.

 The rhododendrons are spectacular this year in spite of getting winter burn on the leaves.
 This is Solomon's Seal
 Love this color fuchsia!
 This was my Mother's day gift.

I probably have about half the gardens done & if you notice the big blue tarp in the driveway, none of the mulch spread!  I guess I'm a little behind!

Gracie is a Momma again!!!!

She gave birth yesterday to 4 girls & 2 boys....all are healthy & doing well.  Will have pictures later.

Trucks, hoola hoops & baseball

My neighbor & I were walking the dogs this morning & stopped by a garage sale.  I "snagged" this tractor for Will......he's the son of the golf pro where I work.  Will is into dump trucks!
 Do you think he likes it????
 Mark got Miss LiLi this hula lights up so she was trying so hard to to get it spinning.
 Then we moved on to baseball.
How's this for an action shot......I'm lucky I didn't get hit!